5th Grade Course Descriptions

       Effective communication is essential to ourstudents’ success today and in the future. The Literacy course for fifth gradeis designed to help students develop their own opinions, thoughts, and feelingsby making connections between the texts that they read and write to theireveryday lives. The students will discover meaning through a variety ofliterary genres and writing forms. After experiencing a variety of authors’purposes and points of view, students will be able to develop these keyelements of literacy in their own work. An appreciation and awareness ofvarious forms of fiction and non-fiction will be heightened as a result of thefacets of the course.



      “We live in aninterconnected, always -on world.” Accepting this as a fact means this willhold true throughout our lives. In science, when dealing with matter, ecologyor weather, our goal is to have students independently use their learning to:

    • apply their knowledge of physical and chemical substances to solve real life circumstances, such as natural disasters or crisis situations.
    • explore the interrelationships between the living organisms in an ecosystem and the effect of this relationship on the organisms so that they are knowledgeable of how their actions can impact an established ecosystem.
    • explore atmospheric conditions, as well as how humans affect weather and climate throughout their lives so that in the long run they will make smart decisions about their environment.


       This year, during the marvelous subject that is 5th grade math, your child will be exposed to various mathematical concepts.As a result of learning these concepts, they will be able to apply and, incertain instances, create, appropriate representations to reflect theirunderstanding of these concepts.


       Some of the focal topics of our curriculuminclude geometry, graphs and data, division, measurement, fractions, andprobability. This course is designed to take students from sole concretethinking and application of mathematical concepts to a combination of concreteand abstract thinking and application of these concepts. It is our goal thatthe students will be able to apply this learned thinking to current as well asfuture endeavors.


    Social Studies

       The objective of fifth grade social studies is forstudents to understand that the world is a constantly changing environment where one must make choices and be aware of societies past mistakes in order  to adapt, survive, and be successful .

       They will understand that superior knowledge in the areasof education, technology, leadership abilities, and how to be successfull economically is vital for a country as well as for them personally, whether it is in a school, sports, business, or a personal setting.

       The course begins with early Native Americans and continues through to the foundations of the United States. During this journey students will be exposed to the tools of geographers, anthropologists, sociologists, economists, philosophers, and historians.