Nadia Domenick
    5th Grade Science
    Golf Club Advisor
    Please click on the Science link to the left for the weekly HW.
    Please remember to print out the necessary forms and return them by Sept. 16th.   The forms are on the HBW website.  Thank you.
    Professional Bio:
    Ms. Domenick has enjoyed her time at HB Whitehorne Middle School. Her undergraduate degree is from Rutgers University, New Brunswick, in Economics (with a concentration in accounting), and Journalism. She completed her joint masters degree and certification in teaching at Kean University. She also completed her second masters degree in Educational Leadership and Policies from University of Texas at Arlington.  Before she became a teacher, she worked for Johnson & Johnson in pharmaceutical sales and training. She enjoys reading, traveling, sports and spending time with her family. She also enjoys being the Golf Club Advisor and encourages anyone with an interest to join.
    Please keep in mind that homework assignments may change based on classroom development. The students' assignment pads are up-to-date. 
    I encourage students to start studying for their quizzes/tests about 3-4 days prior to the day of the assessment. It is too much for them to wait until the night before, please reinforce this at home.  Thank you.

    I recommend each night students spend 5 - 10 mins., for each class, to review the notes of the day.  This will help each one be prepared for quizzes and tests.  If there is something in their notes they do not understand, they should make a note of it then ask for clarification the next day.