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    Summer Reading Guidelines*
     *UPDATED FOR 2017
    Dear Parents,  
    "Summer slide" is not the name of the latest addition to the Verona Pool; "summer slide" is the term used to describe the loss of achievement gains made by students in the previous school year. Research has shown that reading is one way to prevent "summer slide."   Entering grades 5 and 6 students have "free choice" in their summer reading selections. Please check the requirements below to assure that your child is reading the correct number and type of books. As students enter grades 7 and 8, they must choose a pair of texts from an assigned list.  I hope that you and your child have a positive  reading experience and an enjoyable summer!
    Jennifer Kleinknecht
    HBW Media Specialist 

    For Students Entering Grade 5: 

     Students are required to read ONE of the following:
    • novel
    • non-fiction
    • graphic novel 

    For Students Entering Grade 6: 

     Students are required to read ONE novel.  Please be sure to choose a FICTION book.

    In September, all 5th and 6th grade students will be expected to complete a project. To help students choose a book, I have created a list of suggestions for summer reading.