H.B. Whitehorne Media Center

    The media center is open from 7:45 AM to 3:30 PM. Students must plan ahead and ask Mrs. Kleinknecht for a morning pass.

    The media center is fully automated for circulation and catalog research. Online databases enable students at each computer work station not only to access the catalog, but also to utilize electronic databases for information. A multimedia computer work station provides students the opportunity to work on individual or group presentations. Computers are available for word processing, desktop publishing, utility programs, and reinforcement in subject areas.

    Access to telecommunications is available in the media center. Online chats with experts, access to authors and scientists, and research to support curriculum are components of the media center’s use of telecommunications.

    Students may visit the media center with their class under the supervision of the teacher. Groups of students may also be sent to the media center with passes. The passes are then filed in the media center while the students are working and then are signed by the media specialist when the students are ready to return to class.

    Books and magazines may be signed out for a two week period and may be renewed for an additional two weeks. Books in demand for certain class assignments are put on short term circulation. These books must be signed out after school for the specified loan period and must be returned before homeroom on the due date.

    Students may use the media center during their lunch period with a pass from a subject area teacher or the media specialist. Teachers on duty in the cafeteria may also issue passes to the media center at their discretion. Teachers in the cafeteria reserve the right to limit the number of students who will use the media center at any one time.

    Fines are charged on overdue books as follows: 5 cents per day for books on regular circulation after a four day grace period; 10 cents per day for books on short circulation.

    Mrs. Kleinknect, the media specialist, helps students find information for class assignments and offers help in selecting books to read for pleasure and reports. In addition, instruction is provided in information access skills.

    During the final weeks of the school year, fifth, sixth and seventh graders are encouraged to select or purchase books from their summer reading lists. These books are due back during the first two weeks in September. Students are also encouraged to borrow additional books to read over the summer.

    Author visitations are arranged to foster the reading-writing connection. These visits often provide students the opportunity to participate in writing workshops with noted young adult authors.

    Tim Green Author Visit