H.B. Whitehorne PBSIS

    Making WISE Choices

    Integrity    ✸ Open-mindedness    ✸ Respect


    Our School-wide Expectations Framework Defined


    Knowing the difference between right and wrong and doing the ‘right thing’ whether or not anyone is watching.


    Non examples:

    • Listen when someone is talking to you
    • Ask before touching or taking other people’s belongings
    • Take into consideration other people’s feelings before you say or do something
    • Cooperate with adult directions
    • Clean up your area
    • Use an inside voice
    • Follow adult directions
    • Take other people’s things
    • Vandalize other people’s property (like writing on someone’s book)
    • Walk away when someone is talking to you
    • Disregard people’s requests to do something
    • Disregard a procedure or routine that is established



    Valuing people’s differences and respecting their right to have their own opinion, habits and routines, even when you disagree.


    Non examples:

    • Accept others’ opinion, even if you don’t agree with it
    • Accept that other students may have habits, food or clothes different from yours
    • Treat everyone fairly
    • Learn about others’ cultures or backgrounds
    • Make fun of what someone is eating or wearing
    • Exclude other students from a conversation, game or activity because they are different from you
    • Pass judgment
    • Ignore cultural differences



    Showing consideration for the point of view of others and how your words and actions will affect other people.


    Non examples:

    • Tell the truth
    • Stand up for another student
    • Ask for help
    • Walk away when all the other kids are doing something you know is wrong
    • Follow the rules even when no one is watching
    • Take something that is not yours
    • Lie or mislead something into thinking something that is not true
    • Leaving out important pieces of information because you may get in trouble or look back
    • Blame others
    • Break the rules because no one is watching


    At –a- Glance of our School-wide Expectations defined by location


    • Be attentive and quiet during presentations
    • Remain in your seat until dismissed
    • Respect others’ property
    • Keep your area clean


    • Get in and out
    • Keep it clean
    • Respect privacy
    • Flush toilet and wash hands
    • Report problems or unsafe situations


    • Stop, look, and listen when signaled
    • Remain seated while eating
    • Keep table and floor clean
    • Respect cafeteria staff


    • Be in your seat when bell rings
    • Have class materials ready
    • Raise your hand to speak
    • Follow teacher directions
    • Stay on task

    Digital Citizenship

    • Use approved sites only
    • Follow teacher directions
    • Treat equipment with care
    • Report online bullying and misuse of technology
    • Return all equipment

    Locker Room

    • Change for class in a timely manner
    • Stay in your assigned section
    • Respect others’ personal space and belongings
    • Lock your lockers


    • Stay to the right
    • Keep moving
    • Go directly to your destination
    • Keep your hands, feet, and objects to yourself


    • Travel safely between areas
    • Share the space and equipment
    • Report unsafe situations and injuries
    • Return all equipment