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    Christine Gasalberti
    5th Grade
    Professional Bio:
    Ms. Gasalberti teaches 5th grade Reading, English, and Science. She received her B.A. from Montclair State University where she was inducted into the Kappa Omicron Nu National Honor Society. She holds dual certifications in Early Childhood Education (Pre-K- 3) and Elementary Education (K-8) and is Highly Qualified in all subject areas. Her goal is to obtain her Masters of Education in Special Education.

    Ms. Gasalberti formerly taught at F.N. Brown School in Verona and in the Nutley School District. She enjoys working with her students and encourages each to work to his/her full potential. Ms. Gasalberti is honored to be part of the H.B.W. staff and is looking forward to a rewarding and fun- filled year.  
    ****Please remember that the assignments on this page may be updated or changed based on student needs and/or pacing. Assignments given daily in class will contain the most accurate information. Students are required to copy down ALL homework assignments given in class EVERYDAY. 

          Please bring in Box Tops so our class can win a bagel breakfast! (We've won 5 years in a row!)


    Dear Parents,

    The fifth grade literacy teachers would like to make you aware of percentage changes that occurred in the Genesis grade book. The breakdown is as follows:

    Reading: 40%

    Writing: 40%

    Language: 10%

    Homework: 10%

    Although curriculum and assessments have stayed the same, we feel this new breakdown will be a better reflection of your child’s overall performance. Thank you.



    Please note that the 5th grade lockers are small (about half the size of a full length locker).  Extra-large backpacks, backpacks with wheels, and oversized binders/trapper keepers will not fit in our lockers.

    • Math (Mrs. O’Connor)

      • One 3-Ring, 2-inch Binder

        • Package of 5 Tabs to go in your binder with the following labels:

          • FAST FACTS

          • NOTES

          • PEMDAS


          • HOMEWORK

      • One two pocket folder (matching in color to the binder)

      • One XL book sock or cover for textbook

      • 2 packages of whiteboard markers

    • Literacy (Mrs. Conlon)

      • One 1 inch binder

      • Notebook paper

      • Subject dividers

      • One 1 pocket folder

      • Two marble composition notebooks

      • A package of white board markers

      • Gallon size Ziploc Baggie

      • POST-IT Notes

    • Social Studies (Mrs. Clifford)

      • One three subject notebook labeled Social Studies 

      • One two pocket folder - same color as the notebook

    *A spiral notebook with attached folders inside is also acceptable.

      • One XL book sock or cover for textbook

    • Science (Ms. Gasalberti)

      • One three subject notebook labeled Science 

      • One two pocket folder - same color as the notebook

      • One XL book sock or cover for textbook


    Two boxes of tissues for classroom use

    **Optional but welcomed items: Paper towels, baby wipes, and Lysol wipes. These items will be used throughout the year to help keep our classroom clean and sanitized. Donation of these items can be made anytime throughout the year. 

    Daily Class Supplies 

    Please keep these items in a pencil bag.

    Pencils, Colored pencils, Pencil Sharpener, Erasers, Highlighters, Pens (any color except black; will be used for homework correction only)

    Assignment pads will be distributed on the first day of school and must be brought to class each day.