• Verona Restart and Recovery Plan Update

    The Verona Public Schools have updated their protocols for screening students and staff (see attached on page 55). Now that more people are vaccinated and the conditions throughout our community and region are improving, the Verona Public School District is modifying the daily requirements regarding COVID-19 screening forms and temperature checks. Moving forward parents and guardians will not be required to complete a daily COVID-19 screening form for their child. Instead, parents and guardians will complete a monthly COVID-19 screening form which is available in the Genesis Parent Portal. This new monthly screening form is for all students who want to participate in any school activity. This form will replace all other screening forms. The next form needed after the May 2021 form will be the June 2021 COVID-19 Screening Form. Additionally, staff will only be required to submit a monthly COVID-19 screening form. Our new monthly form will be sent directly to staff by the same person who has sent the daily staff Covid-19 screening form.  

    Additionally, students and staff will not be required to have their temperature taken upon entrance to the school. If you have symptoms that are compatible with COVID-19, please stay home from work and notify your building principal, supervisor, and school nurse. Additionally, please notify the school nurse immediately if you think a student is presenting symptoms of COVID-19. If you think you might have COVID-19, please get a COVID-19 test, notify our school nurse, notify your family doctor, and input your absence in AESOP. The decision to modify our process for the screening forms and temperature checks has been made in consultation with our District physician, the Montclair Department of Health, school administrators, and our school nurses.

    Verona Restart and Recovery Plan Updated May 4, 2021