• The mission of the Verona Public Schools is to prepare students to 
    be scholars and productive citizens through outstanding teaching, challenging curricula* and engaging co-curricular programs in safe and modern facilities.

    * All students will achieve the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards.


    Community of Scholars

    We are a continually renewing, diverse community of scholars. We gather to study and advance knowledge. Our colleagues are both leaders and students who collaborate in learning and also guide the learning process.


    Parents create a culture at home that values and encourages learning. Students seek understanding, problem-solving skills and self-awareness. Teachers provide students with engaging, relevant and challenging instruction. School leaders articulate the vision for learning in our schools, create structures, and provide necessary support to students, teachers, and parents.


    The curriculum, which encompasses core academic courses and enrichment opportunities, addresses literacy in all areas, cross-disciplinary skills, and the comprehension and articulation of acquired knowledge. The curriculum, together with co-curricular activities, facilitates the development and understanding of pro-social behaviors and strong character. The curriculum ensures that student will be given guidance, opportunity, and time to develop the understanding necessary to progress to the next stage of learning.


    Our methods of instruction and assessment take into account student learning differences and styles. Professional development is provided to enhance teachers' understanding of the diverse needs of their students and to help teachers implement strategies to address these needs.


    Co-curricular activities are an essential component of learning in Verona, affording every student the opportunity to explore and cultivate interests, to develop interpersonal skills, and to make connections with other members of the school and community.

    Governance and Leadership

    Schools are the fundamental units of change. Administrators, staff, parents, and students work collaboratively on planning teams that integrate program goals and activities to fulfill each school's unique mission and vision.

    Family Involvement

    We envision a school community where all members are engaged in students learning experiences. We view families as partners in their children's education and we encourage them to provide to their children guidance, reinforcement, and support to the educational process.

    We Believe:

    1. That everything from attitudes and perceptions about learning to creative and critical habits of mind can be taught and learned.
    2. That the learning begins with a safe school environment and a special relationship between students and their teachers.
    3. That it is primarily, though not solely, the responsibility of teachers to develop creative ways of helping students to acquire and to integrate new knowledge and to take students beyond this dimension of learning to the development of productive habits of mind.
    4. That students should take ownership for their learning.
    5. That co-curricular programs are a necessary venue for student self-expression, interaction and exploration. They are not an 'extra'.
    6. That many of life's most valuable lessons including self-discipline, teamwork, and confidence can be learned through athletics, band, and other clubs and activities.
    7. That it is a collective responsibility to engage in dialogue, to plan for improvement and to achieve excellence. Excellence is not accidental.
    8. That all conversations should be characterized by respectful listening and responses.
    9. That all school-community members ought to celebrate diversity and respect for others.
    10. That all district personnel have a responsibility to be a positive role model for our students. 

    Eight Core Beliefs:

    1. We believe habits of mind – critical thinking, creative thinking and self-regulation – are taught and learned.
    2. We believe a safe school environment is essential to learning.
    3. We believe successful students own their learning.
    4. We believe co-curricular programs are essential for developing a well rounded and productive member of society.
    5. We believe achievement is a collective responsibility.
    6. We believe respect is critical to understanding, advancement and achievement.
    7. We believe that adult behavior influences students.
    8. We believe excellence is not accidental.