Welcome to the Homepage of the Verona Public Schools!

    Located in suburban Essex County, Verona is a high achieving PK-12 school district comprised of approximately 2200 students and 250 faculty and staff.

    We take great pride in assuring that we provide our students with an exceptional educational experience. Our schools are guided by our district mission, which provides a framework for the academic, emotional and social success of our students: To prepare students to be scholars and productive citizens through outstanding teaching, challenging curricula and engaging in co-curricular programs in safe and modern facilities. The district strategic plan helps to facilitate our instructional initiatives and assures all school and district goals reflect adherence to the core beliefs that guide us as a school community. Our community exudes a palpable commitment to our students and schools as evidenced by the involved and active participation of a divergent and varied school stakeholder group that are thoroughly engaged in the lives of our children. Our school community is characterized by active attendance at back-to-school activities, sporting and musical events; assistance with parent organizations; provision of mentoring services, and a sense of pride and tradition evident in our many student accomplishments.

    We strongly encourage parents, seniors, graduates, and community members to continue to become involved in the lives of our students. Through a shared partnership, we can continue to guarantee our students a rewarding, meaningful, and enriching education.