• Verona Public Schools

    Verona Public Schools

    March 11, 2014 - School Referendum
    Registration & Turnout
    Vote Count                                   Percent
    Election Day Turnout 2,742 26.22%
    Mail-In Ballot Turnout 89 0.85%
    Provisional Turnout 0 0.00%
    Emergency Turnout 0 0.00%
    Total 2,831 27.07%

    Verona Public Question #1
    6/6 100.00%
    Vote Count                                       Percent
    No 1,065 37.62%
    Total 2,831 100.00%

  • Referendum Facts


    A.  General Building Repairs and Improvements                               $5,314,431

    ·    Exterior doors district-wide

    ·    Paving- FNB, VHS, Forest, HBW

    ·    Masonry repairs- VHS, Forest, HBW, Brookdale

    ·    Fire Alarms- FNB and Forest

    ·    Hall and Classroom Ceilings and Lighting- VHS

    ·    Addition to accommodate VHS Music Program

    ·    Gym Bleachers- VHS and Brookdale

     B.  Technology                                                                             $889,086

    ·    New wired and wireless (Wi-Fi) networks district-wide

    ·    New- switches, cabling, phone upgrades, backup

    ·    New- back up power- generator

     C.  HVAC at VHS                                                                          $3,852,580

    ·    Total overhaul of the original VHS heating and ventilation system

    ·    New- boilers, controls, vents, piping

    D.  Security                                                                                   $890,514

    ·    New vestibules/ visitor control at 5 schools (Laning completed in 2006)

    ·    Cameras (50 new cameras expandable) with recording capability district-wide

    ·    Proximity access system (swipe cards) at all schools

    ·    New door locking mechanisms district-wide

    ·    Glass reinforcement district-wide

    E.  Environmental Remediation of VHS Property                               $1,888,250


    ·    Clean up environmental problems on the VHS property

    ·    Construct a retaining wall and create environmental cap

    ·    Add a 5th tennis court and expand parking lot- acts as cap

    ·    Refurbish existing tennis courts that are in disrepair

    ·    Create a usable space on upper field for practice and physical education 60% of land

    ·    Create a green space that will be landscaped and fenced off 40% of land

    F.  VHS/Verona Community Multi-purpose Field                                $3,806,994

    ·    Create a turf surface on lower field with 2 full soccer, LAX and football fields

    ·    Full sized softball and baseball fields

    ·    Lights, bleachers, fencing, repair existing concrete bleachers that are in disrepair


    ·    Total project cost                                                        $16,641,855

    ·    NJDOE ROD Grant                                                        $  2,796,855

    ·    Total to Verona Taxpayers                                        $13,845,000

    ·    Total per year on the average house for 20 year              $176.75/year that is 48 cents/day

    ·    Other

    o Debt Service aid- the State has informed us that we are eligible for another type of aid called debt service aid. Debt Service Aid will fund the payments on this portion of the bond principal plus interest.  The payment for this $2,402,789 will be about $170,320/year, IF the state fully funds the aid each fiscal year.


    o The total amount of the project that is eligible for grants and aide is- $9,394,926


    o The bonds will be for 20 years at a projected rate of 3.65%


    o The ROD Grant and Debt Service Aid are only received if passed by the voters.


    Q- Why is the ballot question so confusing?

    A- Since we are getting two types of aid the state requires the lengthy explanation.

    Q- What is a ROD Grant?

    A- Stands for Regular Operating District- basically suburban districts that do not typically receive as much aid from federal and state sources

     Q- What happens to the grant money if the referendum fails?

    A- The district only receives the money if we complete the project. We have until June of 2015 to pass a referendum.

     Q- What is debt service aid?

    A- Aid the state provides on a yearly basis on projects that qualify. Our project has $2.4 M of debt service aid qualified projects. Potentially 40% aid but can vary

     Q- What projects qualify for a ROD Grant or Debt Service Aid?

    A- General B & G (except the music addition), technology, HVAC, Security

     Q- Why aren't the music room addition, environmental remediation or field eligible for a ROD Grant or Debt Service Aid?

    A- The state will not give grants/aid for new construction unless a building's overall capacity is a problem and they will not give grants/aid for fields or exterior remediation.



  • Voting/ Ballot information:

    · The referendum vote will be on March 11, 2014

    · Polls are open from 7:00 AM- 9:00 PM

    · The ballot is very wordy and confusing but required by the State of NJ. The bottom line is we are asking the taxpayers to allow us to raise $13,845,000 ($16,641,840 minus $2,796,855) to complete the projects listed above. The cost to the taxpayers of Verona is $13,845,000



    Questions: Steve Forte

    973-571-2029 X 7012