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     Learning without thought is labor lost; thought without learning is perilous ”. --Confucius

    2023-2024 School Year 

    Mrs.Qin is really enjoying teaching at H.B. Whitehorne Middle School , and she is very happy to be with her lovely students.

    Mrs.Qin graduated from Kean University with a Master's degree in MPA. She got her Bachelor's degree in Chinese Literature and language from Hunan Normal University, China.

    She has more than thirty years of teaching Chinese both in China and America. Especially 28 years of teaching Chinese in college, public high school, middle school and elementary school.

    She organizes and manages Verona high school and HBW middle school students study in China for an educational program. 

    She has also  worked as a reporter and editor for Chinese newspapers and magazines, both in China and in the United States, and published hundreds of articles in major newspapers in China (having received a number of awards, some of which are at national levels) and in the metro New York region.

    Mrs. Jenny Qin

    Mandarin teacher

    Email Address: jqin@veronaschools.org

    Extra Help Schedule

    Mrs. Qin is available  for extra help Monday through Friday 3:00-3:30 pm.

    Mandarin club activities will be every other Tuesday from 3:00-3:50 pm. 


                                         Welcome To Chinese Class !