Amanda Hamilton
    Vocal Music
    Professional Bio:

    Mrs. Amanda Hamilton is the vocal music director for grades 5-8 in the Verona School district. At H.B.W., she teaches the general music cycles for grades 5, 6, 7 and 8, chorus for grade 5/6 and 7/8, and teaches a theater arts class for 7th grade. The wonderful experiences she had in high school band and chorus convinced Mrs. Hamilton to become a music teacher. She graduated from William Paterson College with a B.M. (bachelor of music) with a specialization in vocal performance and has earned credits towards her masters degree in music education.  As a teacher of different age groups, both in school and teaching private lessons, she has learned to be flexible and understanding of the aptitudes of a large group.

    Supplies needed for Mrs. Hamilton's classes

    All classes:  Chromebook, folder and a pencil with eraser.

    Chorus Classes: A folder or binder, a highlighter, and a pencil with an eraser. 


    8th grade -General Music


    The eighth grade students review music theory topics that include: notes of the treble and bass clef, note values,and rest values. The students practice music using guitars and some percussion instruments.  They perform in guitar ensembles and modern rock ideas using single notes and learn a few chords to accompany their own singing.  The students also study the major time periods of music history and compose and arrange their own pieces using music software.

    7th Grade - General Music  
     The seventh grade students focus on playing the keyboard in different positions and keys and play some percussion instruments.  They learn notes of the treble and bass clef, how to read rhythms, explore different time periods of music history, and will compose and arrange their own keyboard pieces using music software.  

    7th Grade- Theater Arts


    The seventh grade students focus on basic theater skills such as improvisation, monologues, scenes, puppets, and stage directions. They learn about stage presence, using their voices, and about how to improve their acting skills. 


    6th grade- General Music

    The sixth grade students focus on learning the basics of the guitar. They will learn about the history of the guitar as well as famous musicians and innovators of the guitar. They review basic music information, such as notes of the treble clef and note and rest values through worksheets and online materials. Students study the parts of the guitar, tuning, how to read a chord chart, and how to locate single notes on the guitar in first position.

    5th Grade- General Music


    The fifth grade students focus on learning about the piano, its history, and famous musicians.  They review basic music theory topics such as note reading and rhythms, the keys of the piano, and sharpening their musical skills through worksheets, games, and online materials. 


    ACOUSTICS-6th/7th/8th Grade Chorus- Mondays and Thursdays

    HB VOICES-5th Grade Chorus - Tuesdays and Fridays


     We have two choruses for students interested in singing, performing in an ensemble, and learning more about their voices. Classes meet two times a week unless otherwise notified. Students should bring their music folder, pencil, and highlighter to class each time and meet in room 115, ready for class to begin at 7:45.  They should arrive at the front of the school building around 7:35.