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    1.  Please review the 5O supply list on the team page or Mrs. Moy’s teacher website. 


    2.  Please click on Mrs. Moy’s SS Homework Calendar for her weekly homework assignments.  The 5 Olmsted Homework Calendar is updated daily with the team’s homework assignments. *You still must use your planner in class because sometimes assignments change before they are changed on the web page. You are expected to use your planner every day.


    3.  You may be asked to get graded assignments signed by a parent/guardian and returned to your teacher. This will count as a homework assignment.


    4.  Both the classroom and gym lockers have locks attached.  You do not need to bring one to school, but it would be good to practice with one before school starts. Imagine coming into 5th grade already knowing how to open your homeroom locker!


    5.  Fifth graders are permitted to bring water to school.  I highly suggest they use a reusable water bottle with their name clearly written.  In the past, I have found that recyclable water bottles (Poland Spring, etc.) get left behind, become noisy, and could cause a distraction in the classroom. 


    6.  Please be sure to have your student ID number memorized for purchasing food in the cafeteria. It should start with 30 or 31.


    7. Lunch will be a bit hectic for the first few days. It may be easier to bring lunch rather than buy it.


    8. Fifth grade students usually enter the building through the Annex doors (near the top of the driveway) or the Gym doors (Alpha Fit parking lot). Please have an after school meeting spot designated for the first day of school. 


    9. Students will enter the school at the main entrance for band, chorus, or before school meetings. Teachers will be there to direct you where to go. 

    10. We know that students will be bringing in a lot of materials for the school year. It DOES NOT all need to be brought in on the first day. Divide it into the first two days.