• Math - Ms. Gugger:                                                                                                                                    

    One 5-subject notebook
    One two-pocket folder (matching in color to the binder)

    Pencil Case with the “Daily Class Supplies” (as noted above) to include:
         ● Pencils & erasers
         ● Pencil sharpener (handheld)
         ● 2 packages of whiteboard markers
         ● 2 different colored highlighters
         ● 2 red pens with an eraser
         ● 1 package of colored pencils

    • One ultra fine point and one fine point Sharpie


    2-packs of disinfectant wipes

    1-box of tissues

    Hand Sanitizer

    1-roll of paper towels

    1-box Ticonderoga pencils for the class