• Writer's Workshop 


    • This approach immerses your child in the writing process 
    • Short instructional mini-lessons
    • Skills practiced by: partner turn and talks, sharing of writing, and writing in notebook
    • Units of Study: Launching Writerly Life, Personal Narratives, Realistic Fiction - Arc of a Story, Informational Writing, Personal & Persuasive Essays, Literary Essay, and Poetry
    • We are currently gathering “seed ideas” and working on descriptive writing
    • Grammar taught by mini lessons as well as both small and whole group instruction

    Reader's Workshop


    • Based on the theory of constructivism, which argues that children are capable and learn best when given the opportunity to construct their own understanding. 



    • Children will approximate as they learn. Expect mistakes! The single most important factor in your child success as a reader and writer is the time they spend actually reading and the focus is to develop and continue a love of reading.



    • Students learn to personalize their reading by choosing “just right” books.



    • Instruction or mini lessons are given to guide and accommodate your child through the reading process.



    • Strategies for “thinking” while you read are taught. These include: Making connections to our text, predicting, questioning, visualizing, and making inferences.



    • Ideas and thoughts are discussed and recorded in their Reader’s Notebook



    • Whole group, small group, and partner sharing



    • Multiplication and Division Facts + Concepts
    • Place Value
    • Addition and Subtraction of Whole Numbers
    • Fractions - equivalence, adding + subtraction, mixed numbers
    • Measurements + Conversions
    • Lines, Angles, + Shapes


    Word Study


    • Replaces our traditional spelling exercises
    • Understanding spelling and words through observation
    • Connecting and manipulating words
    • Students are sometimes given a written assessment at the end of a skill cycle.
    • Word study will be taught in school.



    Grammar Workshop

    • Supports the learning happening within the writing workshop by providing students with a more structured rules-based look at writing

    Social Studies


    • Unit 1: Regions of New Jersey



    • Unit 2: Pre-Colonial New Jersey



    • Unit 3: Colonial New Jersey and America 


    • Unit 4: New Jersey and The American Revolution 
    • Unit 5: Government


    1. Rocks and Minerals
    2. Animal Studies
    3. Micro-worlds

    **The format takes an inquiry-based approach presenting concepts using scientific phenomena.