• Welcome to Ms. Manning's Ancient Civilizations!
    Welcome to Ms. Manning's Ancient Civilizations! Over the course of the school year we will dive into the study of the ancient world, from the dawn of humans to the fall of the Incas, Aztecs, and Mayas in the 1500s. In addition to establishing an understanding of the development of ancient civilizations and expanding your knowledge of major social, political, and economic themes in world history, I have two main goals for you in this course. The first, is to help you cultivate critical thinking, argumentative writing, source analysis, reading comprehension, and other skills, that are not only important to the discipline of history, but to the development of informed and productive citizens. As we study rich and diverse civilizations and cultures that are very different from our own, my second goal is to encourage you, in our classroom and beyond, to think of “different” as a synonym for “interesting”. 


    For class students will need the following items:
    • 2 inch Binder

    • 1 set of 8 tab dividers

    • Pack of multi colored pens

    • 3 inch hole punch that clips into your binder

    • Reinforcements

    Please see Google Classroom for homework, announcements, and assignments! 

    If you ever have any questions, please feel free to contact me via email: mmanning@veronaschools.org