• Welcome to the HBW

    Physical Education Department 

    Please watch the presentation below for everything you need to know about the
    HBW PE Department:  
     **  In the beginning of the year all students will be given a PE locker and will need to supply their own lock in order to secure personal belongings.
    The best choice would be a true Master lock with a number dial.  
    In the past, we have found, anything but a Master lock with a number dial tends to break easily, get stuck and/or fall apart.
    Most of the locks we cut off during the year are locks with letter or directional (up, down, right, left) codes.  
    If your child is missing a lock or has the lock removed please remember to replace the lock and have them see either Mr. Bowes (boys' locker room) or Mrs. Jordan (girls' locker room) so that we can get the new combo and serial number.  
    HBW Physical Education Dress Code


     Each and every student at HBW is expected to make a FULL change of clothes for physical education. 

    They will be graded accordingly. 


    T-Shirts (must have sleeves):


       ANY JRFH t - shirt

    ANY t-shirt that has the word "Verona" on it



    1.  MUST have at least a 4 inch inseam 
    2.  Shorts also need to be loose fitting...
    3.  Words written on the backside of the shorts is not acceptable.
    4.  Short Colors:

    ANY pair of shorts that has the word "Verona" on it


    **Sweatshirts and sweatpants should follow the same color requirements stated above or any article of clothing with the word "Verona"

    Acceptable Footwear:  

    Cross Trainers and Running Sneakers are best for ALL activities.

    **Laces MUST BE fully tied during PE classes. 

                       (CONVERSE, slip-ons or sprint shoes are not acceptable)ting sneakers)


    *For sanitary reasons... All students must wear socks!