• Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Physicals for Verona Student-Athletes

    Where can I find and download the physical form & health history forms?

    All forms can be found on the Verona Schools Athletics website. 

    Who can complete my physical form?

    A physician, advanced practice nurse (APN), or physician assistant (PA). The physical can be performed by your own health care practitioner or performed at a walk in clinic (example-CVS minute clinic)

    Can I email or scan my physical forms to the school nurse?

    No. An original copy must be kept on file at the school.

    Where can I drop my physical off in the summer?

    You may drop off forms in the black Athletic Physicals drop box located outside of the main entrance of the high school.   

    How long is my physical valid for?

    A physical is valid for 364 days from the date of issuance. The physical expires 1 year from the date listed on the form signed by the doctor.  A physical issued 9/1/21 is good until 8/31/22.

    What do I do if my physical expires during my season of play?

    If your physical is not expired on the first day of practice, you are eligible to participate for that season.  You will need an updated physical for the next season of play.  

    My physical expires before or on the first day of practice. Can I practice?

    No. If practice starts on 8/14 and your physical expired 7/15, you are ineligible to practice without a new physical. If your practice starts on 8/14 and your physical expires on 8/14, you are ineligible to practice that day or until your new physical is filed with the nurse.

    What is a health history update form and what do I need it for?

    A health history update form simply updates your physical form information. It should be turned in if your physical is still valid and you plan on playing a sport in a new season. For example, a physical performed on 7/1/18 allows you to be eligible for the Fall 2018 season. If you would like to play in a Winter 2018 sport, you would just need to hand in a health history update form.  You would also do the same if you plan to play a Spring 2019 sport.

    Can a note from my doctor saying my son/daughter is cleared for practice be used in lieu of the physical forms?

    No. All physicals must be completed on the forms provided from our website.

    When is the best time to get my physical if I am an incoming freshman?

    The best time to get a physical in your 8th grade year is in May or June of your 8th grade year. With an initial physical dated during these months, you will be eligible for all seasons as long as you hand in a health history update form for Winter & Spring sports. As most insurance companies only allow 1 physical per year, you will be able to repeat this cycle in May or June of your 9th grade, 10th grade, and 11th grade years.