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    Name:Chris Demond
    Grade/Subject:Physical Education/Health/Driver Ed.
    Professional Bio:I received my undergraduate degree from Montclair State University.I am currently an assistant football coach at Verona and run the winter, spring, and summer weight rooms. .I am also a strength and conditioning specialist for high school, college athletes.

    Dedicated to Developing Healthy Habits of Mind, Body and Heart



    Physical Education
    The department is committed to giving experiences which result in desirable growth and development with appropriate physical, social and psychological outcomes. Our program should develop proper habits, attitudes, knowledge and ideals toward healthful living as well as established habits of group and self discipline

    During marking period 1 we will be involved in the following activities

    1. Fundamentals of Fitness
    2. Tennis
    3. Soccer
    4. Football
    Physical Education - First unprepared = 10pts deducted, Second unprepared = 20pts deducted, Third unprepared = 30pts deducted etc.  Students will lose  3pts for each tardy.  Excuses other than medical or music ensemble cannot exceed 10%.  Attitude (disruptiveness/unsportsmanlike conduct use of cell phone or Ipod) may result in a 1 to 10 point deduction per infraction.  Poor quality warm-ups will receive deductions for every infraction.  Less than 100% effort results in up to a 10 point infraction.If physical education classes need to be made up please have your son/daughter make arrangements with me.

    Please remind your children to bring home phys ed clothing at the end of every week

    The block schedule has allowed the Phys Ed Dept to include a fitness component during each period. The class will be performing exercises that will test the individual strength and conditioning capabilities of each student. They are as follows:
                 1. Overall flexibility
                 2. Muscular strength
                 3. Muscular endurance
                 4. Agility

          Students may choose to make up a Physical Education class on the next
    scheduled make up day following the unprepared. The maximum number of
    make ups is 1 per marking period.
    Physical Education Rubric


    Warm-Up Exercises

    ü  Performs all warm-up exercises for the day

    ü  Performs all warm-up exercises as specified by the teacher.

    Effort & Participation

    ü  Fully prepared and on time for PE class.

    ü  Engages in full participation during all activities throughout the class period.

    ü  Demonstrates appropriate level of effort during all activities throughout the class period.


    ü  Exhibits proper behavior in the locker-room.

    ü  Displays good sportsmanship by respecting others and yourself.

    ü  Abides by class rules, game rules, and directions given by the teacher.

    ü  Refrains from using inappropriate language and gestures.





    Students will receive a daily grade for PE class based on the requirements shown in the chart above.


    3 – Student has met the requirements of all three criteria shown above for today’s class.


    2 – Student has met the requirements of two of the three criteria shown above for today’s class.


    1 – Student has met the requirements of only one of the three criteria shown above for today’s class.


    0 - Student has been removed from the class and receives zero points for today’s class.


    ***Marking Period Grade = Total points earned / Total days of class x3.



    An unprepared = when a student does not change for class and does not have a valid excuse. 1st = -10, 2nd =-20, 3rd =-30, etc. 


    Students are allowed to attend PE makeup classes; makeup classes will be 30 minutes in length.  Students must be on time and dressed for physical activity for the makeup class.

    Driver Education Marking Period 1

    The period 2 & 6 Driver Education class will be given the NJ Driver Education Manual. We will highlight specific parts in the manual that are on the state exam. 

    During the week of November 5th the classes will be covering material in chapters 7 and 8 in the manual. If you are unable to make to class this week please read chapters 7 and 8 in the manual. The state exam will be given next week in class. I will let the classes know the exact date on wednessday of this week.
    Freshman Health

    The following topics will be covered in Freshman Health:Marking period 4

          1.Aspects of wellness 
          4.Human sexuality
          6.Birth control/contraception/abstinence
          7.Drugs and alcohol
    We will cover the following topics during junior health duringmarking period 3:
    1. STDs
    2. Infectious disease
    3..HIV and AIDS       
    4..Basic 1st aid        
    5. CPR
    During the first three weeks of the marking we will be working on the following topics:
     1. Infectious Disease and STD's.
    The class has article reviews due at the end of every week.
    The first test on chapter 16 will be during the week of Feb. 14.Afterwords we will begin research on group STD projects.
    Senior Health/ Family Living Marking Period 2
    During the month of December we will be working on the following assignments:
     1. Relationships
     2. The wedding project
     3. The marriage project
    The students will get "married" in class and work on the marriage project
    During th month of January we will be working on the following assignments:
     1. The marriage project
     3. Positive and negative relationships



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