Science National Honor Society

  • This organization is a prominent scientific association that engenders a new group of young thinkers who will be the future of industry, research and scientific exploration for America.  


    The Verona High School Science National Honor Society is open by invitation only to the Juniors and Seniors who have fulfilled the following requirements:

    • At least a 4.1 Weighted Cumulative GPA (you have met this requirement at the time of email)
    • Enrollment (or have been enrolled in) at least one AP Science Course
    • Received a B+ or higher as a final grade in all honors science, CP science  and science elective courses and a B- or higher in all AP Science courses.
    • No past school or legal offenses, including but not limited to cheating, forgery, slanderous/discriminatory remarks, and/or bullying. 

    Never has failed a marking period of any class.


    Advisor:  Ms. Paula Ramos Santiago