• Structure of a Molecule
    Name: Dr. Janan Wehbeh
    Science Department
    Supervisor: Glen Stevenson
    Subjects taught:  AP Chemistry, Honors Chemistry, CP Chemistry
     All assignments and course resources are made available in Google Classroom.
    About Dr. Wehbeh:
    Dr. Wehbeh was born and raised in Lebanon. She attended the American University of Beirut where she received both her BS and MS degrees. She researched the helix-coil transitions in whale ferrimyoglobin for her MS thesis. She emigrated to the USA and attended Princeton University where she got her MA and PhD degrees. Her research was on ab-initio molecular orbital calculations of hydrogen bonded systems. 
    Dr. Wehbeh has been teaching for 15 years.  She has taught at a small private school and at a large public school before coming to Verona. This is her 10th year at Verona and she currently teaches Honors, CP and AP Chemistry.
Last Modified on September 10, 2020