• Updated:  July 2018


    Welcome to the Verona Music Parents Association!

    The VMPA is a parent volunteer organization that provides support to the VHS music program (marching band, color guard, concert band, jazz band, choir, jazz choir and chamber choir). All parents of VHS music students are automatically members of the VMPA and we are looking forward to welcoming you (or welcoming you back) to the VHS music family.
    The dates for 2018 Band Camp are Saturday, August 25th - Thursday, August 30th. Band Camp usually takes place at VHS and typically lasts from 9am-9pm, with a 1 - hour lunch break and a 1 -1/2 hour dinner break. All marching band and color guard students participate in Band Camp.
    Please find the full summer marching band schedule on the music department website (veronamusic.org).
    The VMPA will have the first meeting of the season on Sunday, August 26th at 1:15 pm in the VHS Cafeteria. All music parents are encouraged to attend. At that time, we will distribute important information, vote on our new budget and discuss our fundraisers. One of our major fundraisers, the Festival of Bands / NJSMA Marching Band Competition, will be held on Saturday, October 27th. General information packets for the year will be distributed to each family at this meeting. (please make arrangements to receive this info if you are not there)

    VMPA correspondence is primarily done through email. We know messages don’t always make it home so we do our best to keep you up to date. At your earliest convenience, please register with us and enter your preferred family email contact at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/18NzM6_UoBwH-XiVH_Bo20r90foSHh0pANUQD3sLgpJE/viewform.

    If you have any questions that I might be able to help with, please feel free to contact me, or any current VMPA board member at our dedicated email: veronamusicparents@gmail.com
    And please consider getting involved . We can use all the help we can get to make the music experience at VHS the winner it is.


    Thanks and welcome to VHS music!

    - Sandra Klose
    VMPA President 2018-2019