• International Thespian Society Troupe 6276
    Advisor: Mrs. Young

     Verona High School Thespian Society
    Troupe 6276
    The Thespian Society is an honors society. 
     Students are inducted into the troupe for their service
    to the Spotlight Players.
    Officers for 2016-17:
    President- Mia Corbett
    Vice President- Rachelle Smith
    Secretary- Alana Murphy
    Members if ITS Troupe 6276:
    Joe Anello
    Nick Kast
    Carla Bello
    Katie Fernandez
    Carleigh Hoimark
    Natalie Hull
    Dominick Gammaro
    Matt Masucci
    Anna Shea
    Colin Vega 
    Veronica Wertz
    Owen Yarmo-Gray
    Dan Frey
    Dan Messineo
    Sally Short
    Nick Siclari
    Connor Silvia
    Dani Smith
    Grace Gault
    Emma Kubacki 
    Guilia Licitra
    Henry Noren
    Rinn Posner
    Anna Serra
    Ava Vasalani
    Rachael Weir
    Lauren Zanders
    Below is a list of points that can be earned for different
    activities in the Spotlight Players.
    You must earn at least 10 point in two different categories
    to be in two different areas of theater.
    (acting and stage crew or set build and lighting, etc.) 

    Fall Play and Musical:

    Major Role:  5

    Supporting Role:  4

    Chorus:  3 or 2 (depending on the time  chorus is on stage)

    Walk-on/ bit part: 1 or2

    Stage Manager: 4

    Running Crew: 2

    Set Build: 2

    Lighting and sound: 2

    Set Strike: 1

    Pit Band: 2

    One Acts

    Director: 5

    Assistant Director/manager: 3

    Major Role: 3

    Minor Role: 2

     Walk-on/ bit part: 1

    Stage Crew (lighting too): 2


    All who participate at the Arts Festival will as a result of winning the One Act Contest will receive 1 point.