Degrees and Certifications:

Associates in Math Science JCC Bachelors of Biology SUNY at Fredonia Master of Architecture III. SUNY at Buffalo LEED AP Certified

Mr. Atkins

Welcome to the VHS Technology Engineering and Design program!


I am a teacher and designer who believes that the most valuable kind of learning comes from experimentation, authentic discovery, and critical reasoning.

To promote these ideals in my classroom, many learning activities revolve around play and are almost always multidisciplinary in nature.

From speaker building to catapults, we usually have the time and space to learn together.


Please see my course offerings below for 2023/2024  and some of our major projects:


STEM: Engineering Career Research/Aerodynamics, Optimization, and the CO2 Dragster

STEAM: Elements and Principles of Design, Sculpture Park Visit,  Mechanics of the Boomerang 

Fabrication and Design I: Giant Jenga, Falling Blocks/Jacobs Ladder, 

Fabrication and Design  II: Acoustics, Electronics & Speaker Building

Robotics I: Mechanics, Computation & Robot Obstacle Course