• Engineering Club 

    Welcome to the Engineering Club's webpage!
    This club is designed to invite students who have an interest in the fields of science, architecture, and engineering. Together we will discuss topics in these fields and work together on hands-on projects, experiments, and online engineering competitions. 
    We are having an open ideas proposal for Engineering is Beautiful.
    How can we improve our school through Engineering?  How can we reveal the intelligence behind the design?  
    Some potential topics may include:
    • Outdoor Seating, Shaded Areas & Climatic Intervention
    • Engaging the Learning Commons (how to make a brick wall not feel like a brick wall)
    • Landscaping at School for Climate Control, Aesthetic Improvement & Environmental Design
    How do you join?
     Email me from our school email and I will send you a survey and a classroom link!

     Contact me here to Join Our Club!


    How will we meet?

    Virtually at first, though this may change if we have permission from the school for small socially distanced groups.

    The timing of our meetings will be based on the survey answers that I receive based on members availability.


    Hope to see you soon!

    Jason Atkins

    VHS Teacher of Technology Engineering & Design

    LEED AP, Engineering Club Adviser



Last Modified on October 26, 2020