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    Name: Mrs. Eugenie Mordkovich and Mrs. Jia-Pei (Betty) Hou
    Grade/Subject: 9th - 12th
    Email Address: emordkovich@veronaschools.org or bhou@veronaschools.org

    The World Language Academic Competition Club gives an opportunity

    to celebrate the study of the world languages and provides

    opportunities to show proficiency and achievement. During the year,

    advisors research opportunities to participate in academic / cultural

    competitions and work with students throughout the year as needed

    outside of the classroom to prepare them, virtually or in person. If you

    have a desire to show your foreign language skills, please see or reach

    out to Mrs. Hou - bhou@veronaschools.org - or Mrs. Mordkovich -


    Lucia G, Jack L, Victoria N and Marguerite V participated in a national vlog contest. This contest was sponsored by the CLASS, Columbia University National Resource Center and Hunter College Chinese Flagship Center for K-12 students.
    Jack L participated in the CLASS national poster contest.
    Tyler H,Chris S and Victoria N participated in a culture contest sponsored by Seton Hall Univ. and NJCCSF. 
    Tyler H, Chris S, Giselle J, Sabrina T and Jacquelyn L participated in a national vlog contest. This contest was sponsored by the CLASS, Columbia University National Resource Center and Hunter College Chinese Flagship Center for K-12 students.


    The annual CLASS essay contest is one of our association’s highlight events.  Cailtin McKeown participated the Sixteenth National CLASS Essay Contest (2019) and won Gold Award from grade 9th to 12th, Regular category (learning Chinese is a foreign language)



    2018 - 19
    Abigail N., Mandarin student participated at 2018 CLASS/NCLCC National Campaign Slogan Contest.
    Mia P, Alex R, Niko T and Rebecca W participated at the 13th Chinese Cultural Project Contest, sponsored by New Jersey Chinese Cultural Studies Foundation and Asian Studies Program at Seton Hall University. 
    Mandarin III, Caitlin McKeown and Britney Allteni won 2nd place and the special honor/4th place at the 12th Tzi Chi Cup Speech Competition Mid-Atlantic Region.
    Le Grand Concours/National French Examination results: 
    Level 2

    Mariam Girgis - Gold Medal
    Audrey Ng - Silver Medal
    Cailan Compierchio - Bronze Medal
    Rio Gagnon  - Bronze Medal
    Kara Johansen - Bronze Medal
    Madrid Rodner - Bronze Medal
    Lia Gardner - Honorable Mention
    Sophia Josephson - Honorable Mention
    Emily Wynne - Honorable Mention

    Level 3

    Erin Petrino - Gold Medal
    Jessica Sidrak - Gold Medal
    Selin Hekimgil - Bronze Medal
    Alessandra Newman - Bronze Medal
    Max Handler - Honorable Mention
    Priya Limbachiya - Honorable Mention
    Leah Pandian - Honorable Mention
    Michael Sluck - Honorable Mention
    Ethan Triggiano - Honorable Mention
    Mandarin II, Sofia F. won the 1st place at the 11th Tzi Chi cup speech cometition.
    Le Grand Concours/National French Examination results: 
    Anna Konrad-Parisi (Level II - ranked 2nd nationally and in New Jersey)  
    Eric Petrino (Level II - ranked 2nd nationally and in New Jersey)
    Jessica Sidrak (Level II - ranked 2nd nationally and in New Jersey)

    Madeline Bello (Level II - ranked 5th nationally and in New Jersey)
    Maximilian Handler (Level II - ranked 6th nationally and in New Jersey)  
    Nicole Volpe (Level III - ranked 13th nationally and 12th in New Jersey)

    Priya Limbachiya (Level II - ranked 9th nationally and in New Jersey)
    Ethan Triggiano (Level II - ranked 8th nationally and in New Jersey)  
    Kelly Esposito (Level III - ranked 17th nationally and 16th in New Jersey)
    Gillian Lamb (Level III - ranked 18th nationally and 17th in New Jersey)

    Honorable Mention
    Simone Conforti
    Alexandra Deutsch
    Patrick Hogan
    Leah Pandian
    Michael Sluck
    Margaret Evans
    Maeve McGinley 
    1. French IV H students participated in the movie contest organized my the Montclair State University and won the second place for the movie "Perdu dans le Centre". The movie was directed by Anthony Giuliano. The following students worked on the script and acted: Sean Burk, Alexis Duhaney, Dominique Gamarro, Daniel Logon, Daniel Messineo, Paige Nagy, Alexa Perzichilli, Kelly Petrino, Anna Shea, Nicholas Siclari, Danielle Smith, Rachelle Smith.
     French Competition
    French Competition  
    2. World  Language Poem Competition (at William Paterson) is scheduled in May. Please contact your teachers for more details. 
    Mandarin: Liz H, Matthew N, Eylssa Y.
    3. Mandarin IV-H student, Caheigh H was selected by Univ. of Maryland for 2 weeks China Summer Study Camp this summer. She will visit Beijing, Xi'An or Hebei. 
    French IV students participated for the first time in the third annual film festival organized by the Montclair State University. A number of high schools around the state were asked to submit a short movie in French highlighting francophone culture. French IV students were awarded first place in the competition. 

    First place in the Montclair State University Film Festival

    Director: Anthony Giuliano

    Danielle Alfano

    Brendan Carroll

    Nicholas DeVivo

    Gabriella Gabriel

    Olivia Haveron

    Concha Mayer


    Erinn McKenna
    Michael Petrozzino

                                                                                              Abigail Pope

    Annaliese Tietjen

    Ryan Vail

                                                                                                                           Arianne Valderrama 
    Mandarin: Amanda, Dianna and Natalie won the 3rd place in 5th Annual Chinese Competition for NJ high school students at CIRU on 4/18/2015. 
    Mandarin: Billy, Matthew and Patrick were selected by CIRU and Hanban to attend 2015 China Bridge Summer Camp for US high school students.
    Amanda, Karla and Daniel will share their summer camp experiences with HBW Mandarin and Arts clubs students. 
    VHS Mandarin students, Amanda F., Marla M. and Daniel W.  have been selected to attend 2014 “Chinese Bridge” Summer Camp in China this summer. They will be in China for two weeks. This camp is sponsored by CIRU and Hanban China.  
    Amanda F., Natalie D. and Marla M. participated at the Fourth Annual CIRU Chinese Language Competition for NJ High School Students at Rutgers Univ. on 4/5/2014.
    1. Four VHS Mandarin students have been selected to attend 2013 “Chinese Bridge” Summer Camp in China from July 9th to 25th, 2013. They are
    Shelley Herman
    Natalie DeRosa
    Kelly Elizabeth Hogan
    Frances Metzger

    2. Natalie DeRosa received a full scholarship to attend the 2013 Startalk Furman Chinese Camp. This two-week experience is from July 7 to 21. Furman University has been offering dynamic summer camps to high school students for decades and has rich experience in running exchanges and language programs in China.  


    Ned Denton received a full scholarship to attend the 2012 Startalk Furman Chinese Camp - an exciting two-week experience, from July 8-22. This camp will take place at Furman Univ. (NC).

    Christina Flores, Michael Hardenberg, Laura Williams and Michelle Yeager were selected by CIRU and  receive a scholarship from Hanban to participate in the 2012 Chinese Bridge Summer Camp. They will travel to China in July of 2012 for two weeks.


    Amanda Flores, Gabrielle Discanfani and Michael Hardenberg participated in the Second Annual CIRU Chinese Language Competition for NJ High School Students at Rutgers University on March 31. 2012. Seven teams attended this year. “It was a fun and educational experience. We would love to come again.” said our students. This event was created to promote Mandarin learning and teaching at the high school level in the US. CIRU appreciated teachers’, school administrators’ and parents’ support.

    Jillian Sprong, Pheobe Chu, Gabby Discafani and L.M participated at 6th Chinese Culture Project Contest. This contest is sponsored by the New Jersey Chinese Cultural Studies Foundation & the Department of Asian Languages and Cultures at Rutgers University.
    The topic for their research is "Educational Systems in China and America: Similarities and Differences".  (Mar. 2012) 
    Kristina DiStaso placed second in the advanced special category in the Sixth Chinese Bridge US High School Student Chinese Speech Contest that was held on May 21, 2011 at the University of Massachusetts Confucius Institute, Boston.  This contest was made possible by the Confucius Institute of UMass and Hanban, the Office of Chinese Language Council International, under the Ministry of Education, China.  Kristina was up against 23 other high school students from around the country. 


    Evan Yee and Alison Sprong  received a scholarship to participate in the 2011 Chinese Bridge Summer Camp. This program was run out of Rutgers University, and 17 students from New Jersey were selected. Evan and Alison travelled to Beijing and Congqing in July of 2011 for two weeks.

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