About Model UN:  Students participating in Model United Nations gain insight into the workings of the UN by examining relevant global issues through the prism of a representative of an assigned country.  When attending a Model UN conference, students assume the roles of UN delegates and debate real issues facing world leaders today.  Student delegates are exposed to the challenges presented by the dynamics of international relations by debating difficult and controversial issues and ultimately drafting resolutions to them.



    February 4-5, 2016

    Committees in session:
    • Disarmament and International Security
    • Special Political and Decolonization Committee
    • Social and Humanitarian Committee
    • Legal  
    • United Nations Children's Fund
    • United Nations Human Rights Committee
    • United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization
    • World Health Organization


    During the committee sessions, VHS students will debate the same complex issues which world leaders are called upon to address.  The conference culminated with each committee drafting resolutions in response to their respective global issues.  The conference’s simulations allowed students to experience the challenges delegates to the United Nations face in having to balance their country’s national needs with the interests of the international community.  In all, VHS students will learn a great deal about international issues and varying global perspectives from the students they met and with whom they worked at the conference. 


    Please see Mr. Maher if you have interest in joining Model UN.
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