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     NCHS ( National Chinese Honor Society)

    The National Chinese Honor Society is dedicated to the advancement of Chinese language study in public and independent secondary schools and is sponsored by the Chinese Language Association of Secondary-Elementary Schools.

    The National Chinese Honor Society was established in November 1993. Its objective is to acknowledge the high academic achievement of students studying Chinese as a second language. Like other honor societies, The National Chinese Honor Society recognizes not only high scholastic achievement, but also leadership, character, and community service.

    In addition, its aim is to perpetuate the advancement of international friendship and create enthusiasm for Chinese language learning as well as the understanding of cultural differences.


    CLASS (Chinese Language Association of Secondary - Elementary Schools) NCHS Membership Eligibility

    The applicant must be a full-time high school student (grades 9 – 12) who has studied Chinese for four semesters in high school with an average of B or higher. A qualified candidate is someone who is willing to work with the school chapter advisor, as well as with other students, to serve as a positive role model in the area of Chinese studies.



    CLASS NCHS - VHS Chpater:

    New members must meet the requirements of the CLASS (Chinese Language Association of Secondary - Elementary Schools). They also need to continue the language for one more school year ( at Honors level). 





    Students are welcome to see Mrs. Hou during lunch block or after school (Please email me first to avoid any schedule conflicts). Tutoring is available upon request. VHS NCHS members will be asked to provide extra help to our Mandarin schoolmates.
    Please contact Mrs. Hou if you have any questions.
Last Modified on September 5, 2022