• The Spanish Club at Verona High School offers exposure to the rich and diverse cultures of the Spanish speaking world. All students of Spanish at our school are invited to join the club for an opportunity to expand their experience with the language and culture with a fun and enthusiastic perspective.
    Through Club activities, students are encouraged to gain an insightful understanding of differences regarding race, language, and customs of our multicultural and multilingual society.The Spanish Club sponsors educational field trips to local theaters, and museums. Students have the opportunity to experience outside the classroom walls varied artistic expressions such as play presentations, art, music, and dance. 
    Spanish gastronomy is also a part of the cultural experience. Students enjoy the visit to local restaurants that offer the colorful and lively Spanish food and atmosphere from both Spain and Latin America. Students who have participated in our trips have expressed a broadening of their cultural and educational horizons upon their return.
    The Club also sponsors fund raising activities for different humanitarian causes. Members are invited to participate and gain a deeper understanding of our global community's social issues.
Last Modified on September 6, 2018