• Welcome to Mandarin Class! Mrs. Hou loves to see you all!
    Your positive attitude, efforts and a desire to learn will make a big difference to your class.
    It is a conversational and interactive learning environment. Please bring your best to the class. Pai pai shou! Ni hao bang! 拍拍手!你好棒!
    Comprehensive input as foundation for language output and interaction. Please check google classroom for assignments and announcements. You can check Genesis for your class code.
    Things need to know:

    Oral or written homework will be assigned as frequent as needed to help you to preview or review. It could be a mini video/Youtube clip, a song or culture related materials.

    Related quiz/test/assessment (e.g. raps, skits, games; projects) will be scheduled accordingly.

    Various forms, both written and oral, of quizzes,tests, raps, skits, games and projects will be used to assess vocabulary acquisition, grammatical structure and cultural understanding.


    Students not submitting assignments (VHS guideline)

      1. The teacher will speak with the student (physically in school) or email the student directly to inquire why an assignment is missing. 
      2. If a student doesn't respond to the teacher, or doesn't turn in assignments for two (2) days in a row, the teacher will email and/or call the parents.
      3. If after contacting the student and parents, assignments continue to remain missing, reach out to the school counselor/case manager/administration and a phone conference will occur with the parents and student 


    Department Grading Policy: Grading will be based on completion of homework, class participation, projects and quiz/test grades. All grades will be determined by a Total Point System.

    Supplies for the school year
    • computer device (e.g. laptop, iphone, ipad, chromebook)
    • textbook/handouts
    • a notebook
    • red pens (for correction) and pens/pencils
    • your old/last year's Chinese notebook(s)/flash cards/projects; vocabulary lists; a English-Chinese dictionary; Mandarin (Simplified characters) (SparkCharts), ISBN-13:9781411404731, check at Barnes and Noble Bookstore or on-line
Last Modified on September 6, 2021