• “3 Rs – Respectful, Responsible and Responsive” Mandarin Program

    All school rules and policies are upheld in my classroom.

    Class Expectations

    • Students will be expected to check Google Classroom daily for all coursework. 
    • Please adhere to all deadlines and due dates. As always, please reach out to Mrs. Hou if you need additional help completing the assignment prior to any deadline. 
    • The expectation for student behavior during virtual lessons includes, but is not limited to the following: 
      • Students will join Google Meets livestream to hear the instruction and see the learning visuals. 
      • Be on time for all Virtual Classes. 
      • Be respectful of both the teacher and fellow classmates. 
      • It is expected that each student turns on the camera during remote instruction. If this is not possible, please communicate directly with your teacher. 
      • Leave your microphone on mute unless verbally participating in the class.
      • Find a quiet, independent workspace in your home (preferably using a wall as a background). 
      • Student attire should mirror what is appropriate for in-person instruction.
      • Actively participate in Virtual Classes. 
      • Only use the chat feature for classroom related content. 

    Academic Integrity 

    • We expect the students in all of the Verona Public Schools to honor their academic integrity, which is essential to the intellectual growth and to sincerely pledge: 
      • to complete your own assignments and not to copy work from a classmate
      • to keep your answers confidential and exclusive on graded assignments
      • to cite any outside sources and receive credit only for your own work 
      • not to receive any unfair advantage by asking fellow students “what is on the test?” 
      • to fully participate and equally share responsibilities in a group work setting
      • not to cheat on tests through a variety of ways such as sharing answers with other students or another unauthorized means via cell phones, smart watches and other electronic devices. 
    • Plagiarism is defined as “taking credit for work, words, and/or ideas that are not the student’s own, whether taken from periodicals, books or other publications, internet sources, or contemporary publications without properly citing the source.” All information that one finds and uses from the Internet, books, periodicals, pamphlets, etc. must be documented. Failure to properly cite sources will result in appropriate due process which may ultimately result in either the redoing of an assignment with a reduced grade or zero “0” for the work and possible disciplinary consequences. 
    • No form of cheating is acceptable. All instances of cheating will be graded with a zero for that assignment or assessment, with no opportunity to make up the grade. 
    • You will be held accountable for your own work. Engaging in any of the above infractions will result in both academic and disciplinary consequences. 


    Class Conduct:

    • Respect other’s feelings and property.
    • Participate appropriately in class discussions and activities.
    • Raise your hand and wait to be recognized before speaking.
    • Talking during quizzes and tests will result in loss of credit.
    • Appy the magic words as often as you can (谢谢 xiexie/对不起duibuqi/请qing/请问qingwen。。。)
    • Speak the target language-Mandarin whenever possible and participate whenever you can
    • Follow directions the first time they are given.
    • Give your full attention to the speaker. Always try your best and set up a high standard for yourself.


    Verbal warning will be given to the students who fail to follow the class expectations and class conduct. Parents or school administators might be informed.


















Last Modified on September 6, 2021