• Verona High School

    Mandarin  Grading Policy (Revised)

    All grades will be determined by a TOTAL POINT SYSTEM.  


    Your marking period grade will consist of scores from the following activities (Interpretive Mode, Interpersonal Mode and Presentational Mode). Your average will depend on the number of points earned versus the total number of points available to earn:



    • Vocabulary and grammar quizzes and tests, Unit tests (which combine both vocabulary, grammar and other content)
      • Notice will always be given before a test, but may or may not be given before a quiz.


    • Speaking, reading, writing, and/or listening activities during class (CW/participation) or after class (HW: self study/practice/preview/review at home)   


    • Individual, pair, or group activities incorporating various forms of art, media, technology, etc.   
      • Any class activity MAY be collected and graded for accuracy, completion or both. All class activities should be completed to the best of your abilities.   



    Some reminders:

    • Engagement in all daily classroom/ self practice activities (at home)
    • Use of the target language WHENEVER possible. 
      • Positive participation is critical to learning a foreign language…speak the target language whenever possible and participate whenever you can!


    • Class participation (volunteering, answering questions, participating in class discussions); class participation could include writing, reading, listening and speaking activities 

    * In case of a missed graded assessment due to the absence from class student has four (4) days to make it up. It is a student’s responsibility to arrange the time with the teacher.

    Genesis Updates for missing assignments: If a student is missing an assignment Genesis will be updated within 24 hours of collecting the assignment. A missing assignment is calculated as a zero.   


    Students are always welcome to communicate with Mrs. Hou after class. Please write me an email to schedule our meeting time. Office hours is from 2:47 pm to 3:15 pm.
    Tutoring is available upon request. Mrs. Hou's email address is bhou@veronaschools.org
    The members of the NCHS (National Chinese Honor Society) are willing to help you if you have questions about your study.
Last Modified on September 6, 2021