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  • The Wellington School: Building a CrossFit Program The CrossFit Journal -- (http://journal.crossfit.com) The Wellington School, located in Columbus, Ohio, is an independent private school for students in preschool through Grade 12. Four-time CrossFit Games athlete Lindsey Smith is its athletic director. The school is also home to TWS CrossFit. When Smith accepted the job at the prep school, a Wellington parent who does CrossFit reached out to ask how CrossFit would be implemented into the athletics program. “(The parent) gave us some restricted funds, and with that we were able to purchase some equipment, really get the ball rolling with the affiliation process and background checks and everything that CrossFit Kids requires to get a program started,” Smith says. Smith recruited Kyri-Ann Gold to help run the kids program, and it soon took off. Registration was full within 30 minutes of opening.The middle-school basketball players, who had a 13-1 record last season under Smith, consider her a role model. “She’s really fun and always motivating us to try harder and do our best even if it’s one day 50 percent of what it was another day,” says Wellington student Christin. “As long as we’re always trying our best, then she’s always supportive.”

    Rancho CrossFit P.E. Program The CrossFit Journal -- (http://journal.crossfit.com)Rancho High School in Nevada started using CrossFit for P.E. in 2010, and the success of the program now has 10 other schools following suit. Nevada has the third-lowest graduation rate in the United States, and to help change that, Rancho High School receives federal funding assistance due to Title I status. But it wasn't until a P.E. teacher decided to bring CrossFit into her classroom that real change occurred. A year prior to Michelle Van Buren's first CrossFit P.E. class in 2010, the school's graduation rate was at 50 percent. In the three years since, that number has gone up to 58 percent. The change has not gone unnoticed by parents, teachers, counselors and members of the community at Rancho High School. In 2011, when the federal government awarded the high school US$1 million through the School Improvement Grant, some funds were allocated to the CrossFit program to help pay for training and equipment. Van Buren had already built a successful program with CrossFit, and administration saw a need for the affiliate to grow at the school. Rancho CrossFit eventually became a fully functioning nonprofit affiliate equipped with a pull-up rig, barbells and plates.  Read this article, "Class-Action CrossFit" by Laura Bruner in the CrossFit Journal here: http://journal.crossfit.com/2014/04/c...

    Boulder High School Training at CrossFit Sanitas We specialize in custom training programs for athletes at all levels and backgrounds, including high school teams! We've designed and led programs for high school level lacrosse, volleyball and football teams that truly give these young athletes the competitive edge! http://www.CrossFitSanitas.com

    Clark County School District: Changing Physical Education "By the end of the grant, we will have trained over 77 teachers in the CrossFit Level 1, and started a CrossFit ... program at each of those elementary schools, middle schools and high schools." Shannon La Neve, Clark County School District Coordinator for health and physical education explains the implementation of CrossFit programs across the district. Eventually the program will include approximately 320,000 students in 327 schools district-wide. Video by Eric Maciel.CrossFit® - Forging Elite Fitness® (http://crossfit.com)

    CrossFit at Sierra High CrossFit Journal (http://journal.crossfit.com). When Sierra High School P.E. teacher Nick Hobby started CrossFitting nearly six years ago, he would work out after school. "Gradually, one kid would see what I was doing and they'd come and kind of do it with me—and then another and another," he says. "After a while, I had like 15 or 20 kids joining me after school in the weight room and on the track, and we were doing WODs together." Hobby also owns CrossFit Excel in Manteca, Calif. After no success with traditional strength and conditioning programs, Hobby and fellow P.E. teacher Richard Boyd, also the department chair, began running a CrossFit program in 2008 at the school. Student Nick Calonico says the workouts make him feel revitalized. "I feel like I have more energy than normal," he says. "It kind of helps me with my school work because I noticed my grades have improved a lot from freshman year. I was kind of struggling with even passing, and then sophomore year I improved it, and now I'm getting As and Bs."

     High School Fitness (1962) American newsreel item. Title reads: "Youth Fitness - La Sierra High Shows The Way" La Sierra, California, United States of America / La Sierra High School. MS Sign reading "La Sierra High School." with students walking by. CU Stan Le Prontti, physical education director at La Sierra High School, gives his instruction to the students using a hand microphone. LS and MS Line of young men get on to a climbing frame and cross it on the "grips", holding on with their hands. LS Squad of boys doing extended press-ups. MS Boys crossing a metal frame, using their arms to support themselves. LS and MS Boys scaling a "pegboard". MS Line of boys raising upper torsos in floor exercise. LS Boys sliding across a wetted rubber sheet. Students go through 15 minutes hard exercise and many physical training stunts.