• Elementary Instrumental Music
    Instrumental music begins in fourth grade and it is our goal to show students the fun of learning a musical instrument.
    In addition, the concepts of how to assemble, hold, and produce the proper tone on their chosen instrument. Pitches, notes and rests, embouchure, fingering/slide position/sticking, and songs are all part of the learning.

    Since these students only meet once a week for lessons, it is essential they spend time at home each day practicing. The recommended amount of practice for all fourth graders is 15 minutes daily. It is the daily part that is the most crucial. The more they see music notation, the easier it will become to navigate their instrument and songs. Music is a language, and like any new language, it takes immersion to get fluent.

    There is always homework for instrumental music.
    Any songs we are working on in the book or the extra sheets they are given, are considered their homework. Have them practice in an area that is isolated from distractions. Make this a daily part of their routine. See below for a guideline.
    Hot Cross Buns, Merrily We Roll Along, Au Claire de la Lune, Mad Dogs, Lightly Row, Good King Wenceslas, Jingle Bells
    Concert Dates:
    All concert dates can be found on your schools calendar

    Concert Dress:
    Plain black pants or skirt, white shirt or blouse, and all boys wear a tie of any color and style. Any shoes are acceptable. No gym pants please. There should be no patterns or designs on the clothing. We talk about band as a team and this is our uniform just like any other team would have.




    Be sure they are getting some practice time in every day

    WEEK #

    1. Students learn to assemble and hold instrument
    2. Learn first three notes and whole notes/rests
    3. Continue with same three notes and learn half and quarter note rhythm - Hot Cross Buns
    4. Hot Cross Buns & Au Claire de la Lune
    5. Both songs plus 2 new notes - Merrily We Roll Along possible
    6. Merrily We Roll Along & Lightly Row - Good King Wenceslas possible
    7. All songs plus Good King Wenceslas - a new note & Jingle Bells possible
    8. Jingle Bells and Good King Wenceslas
    9. All songs
    10. Concert

    Flutes will generally be a week or two behind at the beginning but should be able to catch up by week 4. ALL students should be able to play Hot Cross Buns by week 5 and Au Claire de la Lune by week 6.

    Remember that they can't make up time by trying to practice for an hour on Saturday. It just doesn't work well that way. They need to spend some time on their instrument every day.

    Even if you know absolutely nothing about music, you can help your child. The book is very explanatory, and the online content is extremely helpful as well.
    Dr. Selfridge on YouTube has some really great tutorials.
    Some things you can ask:
    • Are your hands or fingers in the correct spot - home position?
    • Should you be puffing your cheeks? (They shouldn't be).
    • How many beats (or counts) for a whole note? (four)
    • How many beats for a half note? (two)
    • How many beats for a quarter note? (one)
    • What does a quarter note look like? (or half note or whole note) 
    • What kind of rests are in this song?
    • What are the letter names of these notes? 
    All the answers are easily found in the book and just asking them will help trigger their memory of what we talked about in their lesson. 
    Daily practice is the best way!
    Verona Summer Music 2020 will be held June 24 - July 24
    Details will be found on the website in February 2020