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    Name: Mrs. Sherman
    Grade/Subject:  Grades 9-12 Drawing, Painting and Collage I and II, Ceramics and Mosaics I and II, 
    Email Address:tsherman@veronaschools.org

    Professional Bio: 
    Mrs. Sherman has been teaching art in the public schools for 30 years, of which 26have been at Verona High School. She also worked in museum education as Education Curator at The Montclair Art Museum, Montclair, New Jersey for four years.


    The National Art Honor Society 2019-2020

    The purpose of The National Art Honor Society is to recognize and inspire high school art and graphic arts students to attain the highest standards in art areas and to bring an appreciation of art to the attention of the school and to the community. The Art Honor Society requires student members to be currently taking art or graphics and to maintain a B average or higher in the class. 

    Mrs. Sherman, the art teacher, is the adviser for the club.  Club members select officers in the Fall when membership opens up to new members.Society activities have included the following: raising funds for the Make a Wish Foundation and Minette's Angels;  planning and participating in an annual Creative Arts Festival; visiting the elementary schools in Verona to engage in art experiences with younger students in the district; sponsoring guest speakers from art schools; organizing fund raisers in order to raise funds to frame student art work for VHS; participating in heart painting for the Hearts of Hope organization; sponsoring interdisciplinary art projects;designing brochure, covers, and calendars; keeping the community aware of VHS art activities through publicity; participating in county and state exhibitions of student art work; and keeping current displays of art work throughout the school.

    Informal meetings and programs take place during the school day. Annual membership dues are $5.00. For additional information please see Mrs. Sherman's website.

Last Modified on March 4, 2020