Welcome to the Verona High School SCA!


    A Partnership of home and school that enriches your child's educational experience.

    Dear VHS Families,
    Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year at Verona High School. As we begin this school year with many uncertainties, changes and challenges, the VHS SCA will do its best to continue our past practices and traditions. Now, more than ever, our School and Community Association needs your support.

    We would like to extend a personal invitation to all Verona High School families to join the SCA. As a parent, you are the most valuable asset to your child’s education. Becoming a member of our School and Community Association is your acknowledgment of the significance of the connection between home and school and how it is directly related to the success of your student. Our association’s primary objective is to provide our school with funds, programs, resources and services that will enrich and maximize the education of every student while attending Verona High School. One of our most meaningful sources of pride is the scholarship opportunity that our association provides to graduating Seniors. During the course of the year, we hold three general SCA meetings. As of now, these meetings will be held virtually but will still provide an open forum for discussion about the issues faced in high school. It is your opportunity to share thoughts and comments, or simply sit back and listen to what is happening at VHS and in our district. Our principal, Mr. Joshua Cogdill attends each meeting and provides us with a summary of events and educational initiatives taking place within the school. We will announce all VHS SCA activities through email and on our Facebook page, VHS SCA-Student Community Association.

    All of the members of our association work towards a common goal, which is to enhance the educational experience for all students. The VHS SCA has a rich heritage of serving the needs of our scholars. What distinguishes our School and Community Association is the active and enthusiastic engagement of parents, teachers and administrators. Remember, one of the best ways to influence our children is to model the behavior of participation and service to our community!

    In an effort to make the SCA paperwork easier to complete and submit, we have created a Google One Check form this year, which includes boxes for your contributions to individual fundraisers. Due to the current pandemic, we have been forced to eliminate most of our annual fundraising events. We also removed all requests for donations, with the exception of our two most important funds; Membership and Senior Scholarship. To meet our important objectives and afford services that are not covered by our school budget, we must fundraise. We do not want to be a burden on any of our community families. However, in order to continue to provide our students with support, we ask that you donate what you can and/or sell as many Senior Scholarship raffles as possible. The SCA will utilize these funds toward school projects and scholarships.
    In addition to contributing to the individual fundraisers, your family can join the SCA for $15 per household. This is a once per year solicitation.
    2020-21 SCA MEETING DATES:
    (To Be Determined)
    All meetings held Virtually
    Please complete necessary forms and if needed, return in an envelope marked VHS SCA and to the drop box in the small lobby outside VHS main office.
    Reminder – the Verona School Community Association Joint Program and Calendar on the Genesis Parent Portal has not yet been updated on-line for 2020-21.

    The SCA communicates via email and Facebook (VHS SCS -School Community Association). If you have any ideas, we would love to hear from you. The VHS SCA Board looks forward to working with all the VHS families.

    With much appreciation,

    The Verona High School SCA

    VHS SCA Board:

    President Antonia Castner antoniazcastner@verizon.net
    VP Membership TBD  
    VP Program Mindy Frey mindyfrey@gmail.com
    Recording Secretary Lucille Hahula lucillehahula@gmail.com
    Corresponding Secretary Dana Socci dsocci@comcast.net
    Treasurer Dawn Mulligan jifclaims@comcast.net