• Senior Capstone Program

    Senior Capstone Database: Click HERE for 2020 Internship Opportunities
    The Senior Capstone Program allows for seniors in good standing to complete their senior year by exploring areas of interest at a career-focused placement or through a community-service experience. These internships or experiences will provide seniors with a unique learning experience to assist them as they transition from high school to college, employment or other ventures.
    Seniors will work in conjunction with VHS to establish and make arrangements for unpaid placements. VHS will work with the placement providers (Experience Mentors) to ensure that the experience provides structure and supervision. During the experience, students will respond to the appropriate VHS staff on a weekly basis to discuss their activities. The Mentor will also respond to the weekly evaluations provided by the VHS staff.
    Registering for the Senior Capstone Program does not guarantee admission to the program. Admission to the Senior Capstone Program will be based upon a thorough criteria-based selection process which will take place after the school year has begun. 
Last Modified on September 20, 2019