International Weekend



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    INTERNATIONAL WEEKEND – February 6-9, 2019

    Susan Frizzi

    Lynn Matthewson

    Lisa Remler

    This event takes place for 4 days in the beginning of February.  Extraordinary exchange students come from countries such as Germany, Switzerland, Thailand, and even Nepal to live and go to school here in the United States for one year! Families from all over town will host one of these students for the weekend. They arrive on Thursday and spend the day going to class and having lunch with VHS students. Saturday usually brings a trip to NYC to a museum for the day and another activity that night. The weekend ends with a goodbye breakfast on Sunday and then back to VHS for pickup by the host families. If you are interested in hosting a student for the weekend, or would like to make a dish or volunteer your home for a get together, please let us know.



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