District Professional Development Plan for the 2019-20 school year:


    As educators within the Verona Public Schools, our overarching goal is to continue to refine our classroom instruction and our professional practice in order to keep pace with the evolving expectations of the 21st century.   Toward that end, we have established a framework for professional development that fosters the growth of professional learning communities within our schools.  


    A snapshot at our professional development for the 2018-19 school year is below:  



    September 4

    Kickoff, celebrate teaching, faculty meetings, teachers set up classrooms

    September 27

    (full day)

    PBSIS @ HBW, VHS; ELA Lesson Study @ HBW, World Language K-12 PD; VHS PE/Health New Fitness Center Tutorial, Lesson Planning; HBW PE/Health Google Classroom; Student Growth Objective work with pre-tests and analyzing data, Positive Coaching Alliance Training 

    October 14

    Student Growth Objectives

    October 31

    Teachers will finalize Student Growth Objectives with their supervisors and principals and will upload into iObservation

    November 5

    Ed-Camp @ Verona High School

    February 13

    Teacher Differentiated PD, Department PD topics, etc.

    March 6

    Teacher Differentiated PD, Vertical Articulation, SGO work, ELA Lesson Study 5-8, Math PD Math K-8 

    March 29

    NJSLA Training

    June 4

    Develop 2020-21 Individual Professional Development Plans


    The district has also established a framework for monthly grade level and department meetings to foster collaboration across buildings.  The focus of these meetings will include such topics as:
    • Student test data analysis
    • Professional Book Clubs
    • Developing Student Growth Objectives
    • Reviewing, developing, and creating rigorous common assessments
    • Vertical alignment of curriculum
    • Development of collaborative units of study utilizing the UbD framework

    The goal of all of the aforementioned professional development initiatives is to enhance teaching and learning within the Verona Public Schools.