• Verona High School World Languages Department



    It is our mission to promote fluency in a second language to help prepare students for future learning, living and careers in an increasingly globalized society. 


    To help us to achieve our mission, we hope to provide our students with an education in a second language that can develop an appreciation of other cultures, lead to greater personal fulfillment and enhance intercultural communication in a pluralistic society.  

    Core beliefs:

    * We believe that all students can learn & be successful in acquiring a second language.  

    * We believe in providing students with a variety of educational opportunities to explore other cultures.

    * We believe in making curricular connections with other disciplines. 

    * We believe in working towards proficiency-based instruction & assessment, guided by best-practice standards.

    * We believe in providing our students with an abundance of comprehensible input, which must precede output.

    * We believe in working towards classroom instruction that is in the target language for 90% or more of the instructional time. 

             Our Teachers:

    Mrs. Hou                 Mrs. Mordkovich          Ms. Contreras 

    Mrs. Calvo               Mrs. Garson