• Verona High School English Department

    Mission Statement:

    It is our mission to help our students to effectively communicate information, thoughts & ideas through writing or speech while empowering them to become active and informed members of society.  In support of this mission, we study literature to help students develop empathy, self-awareness and a greater respect and appreciation for diversity and humanity.  


    In order to achieve our mission, we hope to foster a lifelong love of reading in our students, to continually develop students' speaking & listening skills, to build their capacity to write for a variety of tasks and platforms and to guiding our students to interpret, decode and explicate complex texts that push and challenge student thinking.  

    Core Beliefs:

    * We believe that sharing a love for reading books with our students is important.

    * We believe that student choice and independent reading must coexist with the canon.

    * We believe in making learning relevant by connecting it wherever possible to our students' lives.

    * We believe in helping to build a culture of tolerance and openness.  

                               Our Teachers:

                 Dr. Meyer                             Mrs. Kobylarz           

                 Mrs. Quick                          Mr. Munoz

                 Mr. White                             Ms. Enste

                                                               Ms. Gladsky