• Verona High School Social Studies Department



    It is our mission to provide our students with the knowledge and skills to be empathetic, lifelong learners who are equipped to be active citizens prepared to practice democracy while also becoming open-minded, global citizens.  


    To help all of our students achieve our mission, we hope to create meaningful & relevant learning opportunities that include simulations, debates, field trips, guest speakers and special field experiences, all aimed at helping students to find their voices and to promote active citizenship at all levels of government.

    Core Beliefs:

    * We believe in collaborating as professionals to advance teaching & learning for our students.

    * We believe in modeling open-mindedness, respect and intellectual curiosity.

    * We believe in promoting active and critical inquiry into topics, issues and ideas of local, state, national and global significance. 

    * We believe in the importance of building students' reading, writing, thinking and argumentation skills.

    * We believe in the importance of ongoing professional development so that we may continuously improve our practice.  


            Our Teachers:

    Mr. Bresnan            Mrs. Sepcie

    Mr. Maher               Dr. Tamburro

    Ms. Schram             Mrs. Wallerstein