• Mission 


    To support the process of education and the district's goal of maximal student success, achievement, and well being through the promotion and maintenance of optimal student health. This mission is accomplished through direct care, education, referrals, health counseling, and medical case management as needed to support the students.


    • To provide first-aid and care to students who become injured or ill during school hours, and to notify the parents/guardians when further medical care/attention may be needed.

    • To support the health curriculum through direct teaching and/or serving as a resource to classroom teachers.

    • To educate school staff about health matters that affect the student and/or staff populations.

    • To collaborate with other school professionals, parents/guardians and the student's healthcare team, as needed, to foster maximal student success.

    • To provide health counseling to students as needed on an ongoing basis.

      It is not within the school nurse's scope of practice to diagnose or to take the place of a student's Primary Health Care Provider (physician or nurse practitioner).

    If at any time you have questions or concerns regarding your child’s health, please feel free to contact the school nurse.