Welcome to my first grade class!  My name is Mrs. Cirigliano!  Below you will find information of what your child will experience this year in first grade!  Get ready for a fun-filled year of learning and growing!  
    First Grade Rocks!


    Nothing like reading before bed!  Here is what my night table looks like!  I look forward to settling down each night with great reads!  Whether reminding my sons to get their reading in each night or just enjoying a free time book, I am always reading and always learning!  I will do my best to teach my students to do the same!
    What we have loved
    Others will love
    And we will teach them how
    -William Wordsworth 


     First graders will continue loving to read this year in Reading Workshop! I am super excited to continue teaching reading strategies at the first grade level.  The children will build stamina in reading, read and make connections, think and share thoughts, comprehend and infer!  They will learn about different genres.  They will become more confident and comfortable with their reading level!  They will become great THINKERS!!
    The first graders have many books for the classroom of different genres and levels, that they will read and love!
     My goal is to get all of my students to be passionate about reading by exposing them to many wonderful authors and titles, and most importantly model through reading to them all year!
    Your child will be assessed early this year to determine their independent and instructional reading level.  You will be notified what level books your child should be reading at home.  The students will shop for "Home" books and "In-School" books.  Please be sure to return the "Home" books each week so your child can shop for new books to read and love with you in your home! 
    We will "Launch" Reading Workshop in September!  Get ready!  Your child will AMAZE you this year!
     Other Topics covered...Readers have Superpowers, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Poetry, and Reading Across a Series.
    If you are interested in ordering books on
    or missed the catalog that was recently sent home...
    Here is our class activation code that can get you on your way!
    Happy Reading!
    All PARENTS:
    Check out this Scholastic Website to get great book recommendations
    for 6-7 year olds!


    Your child should be reading every night!


    Language Arts
     We begin with letter formation and sounds.  We practice through handwriting activities.
    We will then move into short vowels, digraphs, bonus letters, welded sounds, blends, long vowels, suffixes, and even syllables!
    The first graders will continue FUNdations this year!  Each unit introduces a specific phonetic rule along with "trick" words that the children will learn.  They will be assessed at the end of each unit!
    They will be given homework during the week that touches upon words and skills they are practicing in class!  The assignments are also practicing handwriting, alphabetizing, sentences...and much more!

    spelling list

    Writers' Workshop
    The children will be writing 3-4 days a week in Writer's Workshop.  Their work will be kept in a Writer's Folder.  At the end of each topic the students will be asked to choose a piece of writing that they would like to publish!  It is a wonderful opportunity for the children to express their thoughts in a very relaxed and enjoyable way. 
    Keep and eye out for any stories that will be displayed in the hallway!   
    Topics covered in writing are Launching, Small Moments, Realistic Fiction, How To and Non-Fiction (All About), Persuasive Writing, and Poetry. 
                                                                                                          math student
    Math homework will be given Monday through Thursday!  Please help your child at home! 
    Practice your Addition and Subtraction Facts!  I recommend you keep a set of flash cards at home.  Use manipulatives at home to help your child add and subtract.  Make it fun!  Use cereal, m&ms, candy corn, gummies!  I am sure your child will love to gobble up these manipulatives when completing homework!   
    Test your child daily!  Get involved!
    We will be using a NEW math program this year!  It is called Dimensions Math.
    The students will learn addition, subtraction, telling time, fractions, geometry, and money!
    If you have any questions or just want to check out what we are doing in math, you can go to




    Science/Social Studies
     In Science we begin our study of the Day and Night Sky!  We incorporate the study of Earth, space, planets and weather.   The students will receive a Science Journal where they will write what they are learning about!  We will see videos and experiment with many hands on activities!
    We will also explore Plants and Animals and Solids and Liquids in First Grade!
    Our Social Studies Units which will be covered are...My School/My Community, Cultural Traditions Around the World, Making Changes Past and Present, and Our Place in the World.
    The children will also study their address, town, state, and we will discuss our country throughout the year! We will even impress you by learning all 50 states...in alphabetical order...through song!

    1C Homework

    Monday,  Tuesday,  Wednesday, Thursday
    The first graders are given homework 4 days of the week in Language Arts and Math.  They are to read every night for 10-20 minutes!
    Homework is subject to change, so please check your child's homework helper daily! 

    You can contact Mrs. Cirigliano at:
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    Here you will find pictures of my students engaged in classroom activities and learning!

    Have a wonderful day!