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    Name: Luisa Hirsch
    Grade/Subject: Spanish
    Email Address: lhirsch@veronaschools.org
    Professional Bio:

    Senora Hirsch (formerly known as Senorita Witter) is a Summa Cum Laude graduate of Caldwell University who has a dual certification in both Elementary Education and Spanish. Her mother is from Puerto Rican/Spanish descent and her father is from English/Welsh ancestry who studied in Puerto Rico therefore knowing Spanish fluently. Senora Hirsch grew up in a bilingual home so she speaks Spanish fluently as well. She is familiar with Puerto Rican and Spanish culture due to making sure her parents experienced Spanish culture to gain an appreciation of her heritage. Senora Hirsch has traveled to Puerto Rico several times and each time has been a wonderful experience for her. Senora Hirsch is beginning her fifteenth year at F.N. Brown Elementary School and her tenth year at Brookdale Avenue School. Senora Hirsch looks forward to a wonderful school year!

             Bienvenidos a la clase de Espanol!

                                   Welcome to Spanish Class!
    1. Students will be able to communicate in basic Spanish to peers and adults through greetings.
    2. Students will be able to learn how to say various things in Spanish through songs, games, and verbal practice with each other and the teacher.
    3. Students will gain an appreciation of Spanish culture around the world and in our society and the U.S.
    4. Students will realize the importance of learning Spanish and/or a second language.
    5. Students will enjoy learning Spanish!
    The following are rules that students are expected to follow in Spanish class:

    1. Mira. (Look)
    2. Escucha. (Listen)
    3. No hables. (No talking)
    4. Levanta la mano. (Raise your hand).

    Rewards of following the rules:
    1. You will learn a lot more Spanish!
    2. Estrella de la semana (Star of the week) A student is chosen each week who shines in that they are participating, speaking in Spanish, following the rules, and showing kindness towards one another.
    3. Prize box
    septiembre (September)
    Bienvenidos to all! Welcome back to escuela! (school) I am very excited to be starting a new school year with your children to share the importance of learning a second language through verbal and written practice activities, games, songs, and cultural activities! Below is an overview of what students will be learning in the month of septiembre!
    First grade-Students will be introduced to the Spanish language through the use of greeting songs to reinforce greetings such as Hello, Goodbye, Good afternoon, etc. and will be able to introduce themselves in Spanish by learning a greeting poem and verbal practice using Me llamo and their name. Students will be given a Spanish name closest to the equivalent of their English name.
    Second grade-Students will review greetings in Spanish through songs and verbal practice. Students will begin to learn how to ask a peer What is their name and answer it, as well as asking a peer How they are as well as answer in Spanish. The goal is to be able to communicate in Spanish with a peer in basic conversation.
    Third grade-Students will review greetings from the previous year asking and responding to what is your name and how are you through partner activities. Students will also be learning this month how to introduce a friend who is a boy vs. a friend who is a girl and will realize the differences (i.e. amigo and amiga and when it is used).
    Fourth grade-Students will review greetings from the previous year and how to introduce one another in Spanish. Fourth grade students will also be taking a pre-assessment this month to set goals for the students in tracking their progress. (Areas assessed will be in listening, speaking, and reading).

    Feel free to e-mail me anytime at Lhirsch@veronaschools.org with any questions or concerns you may have!  Muchas gracias! :)