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    Mrs. Lauren Till graduated from Elon College in Elon, North Carolina. She received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education. Mrs. Till also earned her Master's degree in Reading from NOVA Southeastern University online. This is her 18th year of teaching at Brookdale Avenue School. She is a true believer that learning should be a fun and interactive hands-on experience.
    Have a Great Summer! Be sure to read! 
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    Third Grade Classroom Supply List:

    Small soft pencil case

        Several Packs of Post-It Notes

        Dry Erase Markers

        Pencils & Pens


        2 Highlighters

        1 hand-held pencil sharpener

        1 red composition notebook

        1 blue composition notebook

        1 black and white composition notebooks

    1 half inch binder (preferably green)


    1 Small Pack of Crayons


    *If you would like to donate packages of baby wipes, paper towels and tissues that would be greatly appreciated.


    If you have any questions about an item on this list just bring in as much as you can and we will discuss the list further in September.

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    "Good" readers think about their thinking when reading. We practice many strategies for reading in third grade. Among these strategies are questioning, visualizing, making connections, predicting, inferring, and talking about our reading with book buddies.

    In my classroom, the majority of my books are “leveled” by letter and students learn how to choose books on their current level. If they are expected to read independently, then they must choose their independent reading level – which is determined at the start of the school year by their DRA scores. This “level”will change throughout the year and is not a tattoo. This letter is temporary, and as the children work to strengthen their reading skills their letter will change. Below is a link that has lists of book titles and their “Guided Reading Levels”. This is an excellent resource for helping your child pick out books that are at his/her current reading level.

    Guided Reading Leveled Book Lists


     writer's workshop




    Below is the link to our math program's web site. Each third grader will receive a username and login to use from home and school. From time to time, Mrs. Till might assign online work. It's also a great resource for practicing and studying our math skills.
    We have begun studying U.S. geography and the Regions of the United States


     The third grade scientists will study motion & design, plants and organisms.



    For each missing homework assignment the student will be required to make up the work and to sit out of recess. He or she will also bring home an "oops slip" to have a parent sign and return. If missing homework assignments becomes a habit, then Mrs. Till will contact the child's parents to discuss the situation. (Reading Logs are expected to be filled out nightly but will not be collected everyday or considered homework unless a student creates a habit of skipping his/her logging)
    backpackWeekly Schedule for 3T:
    Monday - Gym 
    Tuesday - Spanish & Art
    Wednesday - Music & Spanish
    Thursday - Gym (Health for a few weeks)
    Friday - Library & Chorus