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    Dear First Grader,

    Welcome to First Grade!  We are going to have so much fun!  We will embark on many wonderful adventures and work on so many skills.  I hope you enjoy the next couple of months with your friends and family doing many memorable summer activities!  I too will be enjoying the warm sun, swimming in my pool, and playing with my sons on the beach in LBI!

    Below is a list of school supplies I would like you to have for the first day in September:  


    *12 sharpened pencils

    *6 glue sticks

    *4 THIN BLACK Expo markers

    *1 box of 16 crayons 

    *1 Marble PRIMARY Composition Notebook (with dotted lines and picture box)

    *1 pack of 8 Crayola Markers (or any brand)

    *a scissor

    *Plastic Pencil box LARGE enough to hold writing/coloring supplies

    *over the ear headphones (Check out 5 Below or Target)



    *2-packs of Disinfectant Wipes

    *2-packs of BABY Wipes

    *1-box Gallon Size Zip-Lock Bag

    *4 SANDWICH BAGS (for Math Flashcards)

    *1-box of tissues 


    Please pack your healthy snack and drink in a brown paper bag DAILY with your name!

    Your lunch box should be separate from your snack!


      Enjoy your time home this summer!  See you soon!


    Mrs. Cirigliano