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    Here are some things you can do in order to help your child prepare for second grade:


    • Teach your child to tie their shoes. Find a fun trick! Watch a video! Give an incentive! Be persistent!


    • Keep bedtime in the routine. It may be a little later and there will be nights when bedtime doesn’t apply. But overall, if we keep our bodies in a routine with sleep, September won’t hit quite so hard!


    • Choose a few family members and friends to write a letter for this summer. Ask your child to write in full sentences, ask questions and give details. Writing with a purpose makes it relevant and real for your child. Maybe someone will write back to them! Include an envelope with return address and stamp to encourage that!


    • Encourage kindness. Find something that your child can do to bring a smile to someone’s face.  Deliver cookies, make a card, do chores, sing a song...something simply for a smile.


    • Read TO your child. We can’t encourage reading enough! Please visit the library and make books a part of your summer days. Most importantly, let your child see you read - to yourself and to them. Let them hear your silly voice. Let them tell you the best parts and predict how it will end.