Welcome to Mrs. Ricci’s 3rd Grade Class!



    3R Students are the BEST!
     Hello, Everyone! My name is Mrs. Jaime Ricci, and this will be my 20th year teaching at Laning Avenue School. I LOVE spending my days with my amazing 3rd graders, watching them learn and have fun while they are doing it!
    This school year is starting a bit differently than last year because we are all back in the classroom again! YAY! However, things just are not what they were a few years back. The last few years have been filled with changes and challenges that I could have never imagined when I signed on to be a teacher at Laning. All of these changes can make a person question if this is really what they signed up for many years back. I have looked at all of these unexpected times as a chance for me to challenge myself as a teacher and to help my students feel safe so they can focus on being the best students they can be each and every day. Each day, I push myself to stride towards reinventing ways to teach current curiculum, and most of all, I have pushed myself to not be afraid of new technology. To be honest, I have impressed even myself at times when it has come to my technology abilites! 
    The 2021-2022 school year will still be filled with some issues possibly that will possibly have us alter all that we have put in place, but we will make the nest of what we are presented with. Whether we are learning in our classroom, or  remotely(if things should change)I will do all that I can to make sure that each of my student's know that I am here for them always. I am here to challenge and support them to learn new concepts, to help them build their confidence, to support them emotionally, to show them that learning can be fun, and overall, to build a special relationship with each one of them so they believe in me that I believe in them.
     Our 3rd Grade Supply List3
    Success in 3rd grade, from day one, starts with being responsible and prepared. Their work space at school and at home, where they do their homework, should consist of basic school supplies, their computer and charger, the items on the supply list needed, tissues, a waterbottle, and anything else that they may need while they are working to limit the need to get up during lessons. 
    A BIG THANK YOU to the 3R parents for starting my 24 students off on the right foot! Their desks are filled and they are ready to learn!
    4 Preparing for the First Day of Third Grade 
    We will be using Google Classroom as one of our ways to connect with each other everyday. I will have the children become familar with the programs we use so that they can navigate our Google Classroom with ease:)
    **If possible, please check that your child has these programs on their device so they are ready to go when we need to use them. I am sure that most of them already have these available to them.
    To start, students that are using their own device will need Google...
    - classroom
    - documents
    - slides
    - meet
    * We will be using many other educational sites that we will add as we need them:)
    I hope that all of my third graders read over the summer months so they do not take what they call " the summer slide." This means that they are not ready to push ahead to their next reading level, but instead may need to review the reading level they left off in a bit more.
    Your 3rd grader should be reading a "just right" book on their own each day/night for at least 20 minutes. Chapter books are encouraged at this age level, but of course, reading a favorite picture book, comic, or magazine is always a fun way to switch your reading up every few days. Also, reading a chapter book to your child that is a bit more challenging, can be extremely helpful! It can help build their vocabulary, introduce them to new themes within literature, and it can help build their love for reading! 
    3 Basic Math Fact Practice
    Reviewing you basic math facts in addition and subtraction will help you feel confident in math. Being able to recall facts quickly and accuratly is extremely important in 3rd grade. We will be learning multiplication and division this year too! Recalling their addition and subtraction facts well will help assist your child when building a strong understanding in multiplying and dividing.
    If your child feels ready for the challenge, they can start practicing their facts for multiplication and division too!
    12 Other Ways to Prepare for 3rd Grade...
    *Keep a writing journal filled with lots of memories from the summer or creative stories! It is so important to keep their ideas flowing. If your child prefers to type their summer memories or stories, they can always make a folder in their google drive of summer writing.
    *Practice their typing skills. We use technology a lot in 3rd grade and being able to type well will help your child complete their assignments faster and with fewer errors. The Typing Club is a terrific FREE site that we use often in 3rd grade. https://www.typingclub.com/login.html 
    2 Special Message for 3R Parents

    Dear New 3R Parents,

    With this year starting a bit differently than usual, I am sure there may be many questions that you have about third grade. Over the next few weeks, I will do my best to help lower your level of concern that you may have about all that will take place.

    Third grade is always a big year full of changes! However, if we work together, your child will be a success and feel the support needed to accomplish all of the expecations and academic challenges that lie ahead in third grade.

    I will be reaching out to you often to keep you updated on what will be taking place in our class. At Laning, in 3rd Grade, we use ClassDojo to help communicate with parents frequently.

    At this time we have 100% of our parents on Class Dojo! That makes me so haooy! This will keep everyone always up-to-date with everything that takes place in 3R.  


    I look forward to having an opportunity to work with all of you and your amazing children! 


    **If you have any questions during the school year, please feel free to e-mail me at jricci@veronaschools.org

    I will reply within 24 hours during the school week. I try my best to be on top of my emails on the weekend but my response time may be between 24-36 hours. I also have a voice mail account but the fastest way to get in touch with me is still through email or Class Dojo. Thank you for your understanding:)

     Students may access our GOOGLE CLASSROOM by clicking the link below:


    12   3R Reminders12
    Homework Schedule for 3R
    Always check your child's backpack for day to day assignments.
    Assignments can change based on work covered in class.
    Math- workbook page
    Fundations Spelling- 5 sentences using #1-5 from our weekly list
    Read-20 minutes or more
    Math- Workbook page  
    Fundations Spelling- 5 sentences using #6-10 from our weekly list
    Read - 20 minutes or more
    Math- workbook page
    Fundations Spelling- 5 sentences using #11 - 15 from our weekly list
    Read - 20 minutes or more
    Math- workbook page
    Spelling- Teacher's Choice- ABC Order/Paragraph/3 times each
    Read - 20 minutes 
    Read at least once over the weekend. Any reading done more than the assigned will be counted as extra credit:)
    For emergency school closure assignments, please click here.