Mrs. Ricci's Class



    3R Students are the BEST!

    **If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me at jricci@veronaschools.org. I will reply within 24 hours during the school week. I try my best to be on top of my emails on the weekend but my response time may be between 24-36 hours. I also have a voice mail account but the fastest way to get in touch with me is still through email. Thank you for your understanding.

     Students may access our GOOGLE CLASSROOM by clicking the link below:
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    **Sneakers should be worn on Tuesday and Friday for gym class.
    **Library books should be returned on Wednesday so they can be checked back in by library class first thing Thursday morning.
    **Students may have water bottles on their desks daily to avoid trips to the water fountain. Please make sure the bottles have secure caps and that they contain water ONLY.
    ** We eat snack each day for only about 10 minutes. Please send a small, healthy snack packed in a different section from their lunch because the lunches are brought down to the multipurpose room first thing in the morning.
    ** Please check your child's folder daily for classwork, notes, and upcoming test and events. A neat folder helps your child stay organized:) 
    Here's What's Happening in Mrs. Ricci's Class
    We work each week on new spelling rules that are reinforced all week long through many different hands-on activities. The students will also work each day on additional words other than the ones that are on their given list that follow the rule to practice writing. Then, they are asked to apply what they have learned to a dictation sentence. An assessment will be given each Friday. They will be tested on the 15 words below and 5 additional words that apply the skill/rule being used during the week. A dictation sentence will be given as extra credit.
    If you forget your list, call a friend or please email Mrs. Ricci.
       Reading Workshop
    Language Workshop
    Cursive Handwriting
    3R LOVES cursive!!!  
     12 Science
    Our new Plant Growth and Development kit has arrived! We can't wait to get started! We know the students are going to LOVE it!
    Social Studies
    Map skills and reviewing our World with a focus on the seven continents 
    Current Events
     We will start soon!
    Homework Schedule for 3R
    Always check your child's backpack for day to day assignments.
    Assignments can change based on work covered in class.
    Math- workbook page
    Fundations- 5 sentences
    Read - 20 minutes
    Current Events - Team for the week assigned 
    Math- Workbook page  
    Fundations-5 sentences  
    Read - 20 minutes
    Math- workbook page
    Reading Workshop- 5 sentences
    Read - 20 minutes 
    Math- workbook page
    Current Events -Due Next Day
    Read at least once over the weekend. Any reading done more than the assigned will be counted as extra credit:)
    For emergency school closure assignments, please click here.