Welcome to Mrs. Ricci’s 3rd Grade Class!



    3R Students are the BEST!
     ** This year is a bit different as we go into the summer months because our new 3rd grader students do not know their teachers.  No worries!! Mr. Samples and I work as a team always! So, no matter which teacher you receive, your supply list will be the same and you will have an amazing year!
    * The supply list for 2020-2021 has been updated and is ready for all of you that love going back to school supply shopping! I know I LOVE getting new supplies!
    We can not wait to meet all of you!!

    **If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me at jricci@veronaschools.org

    I will reply within 24 hours during the school week. I try my best to be on top of my emails on the weekend but my response time may be between 24-36 hours. I also have a voice mail account but the fastest way to get in touch with me is still through email. Thank you for your understanding.

     Students may access our GOOGLE CLASSROOM by clicking the link below:
    4 How to Prepare Your Child for 3rd Grade
    * READ EVERYDAY!! Your child should be reading a "just right" book on their own each night. Also, reading a chapter book to your child that is a bit more challenging can be extremely helpful! It can help build their vocabulary, introduce them to new themes within literature, and it can help build their love for reading! 
    *Practice their BASIC MATH FACTS! Knowing their basic addition and subtraction for both for speed and accuracy will set your child up for success in math. Recalling basic math facts accurately will help your child feel confident from the start of our school year:)
    *Keep a writing journal of your summer events to keep their ideas flowing!
    *Practice their typing skills. We use technology a lot in 3rd grade and being able to type well will help your child complete their assignments faster and with fewer errors. The Typing Club is a terrific FREE site that we use often in 3rd grade. https://www.typingclub.com/login.html
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    12   3R Reminders12
    **Sneakers should be worn on Wednesday and Friday for gym class.
    **Library books should be returned on Monday so they can be checked back in by library class first thing in the morning.
    **Students may have water bottles on their desks daily to avoid trips to the water fountain. Please make sure the bottles have secure caps and that they contain water ONLY.
    ** We eat snack each day for only about 10 minutes. Please send a small, healthy snack packed in a different section from their lunch because the lunches are brought down to the multipurpose room first thing in the morning.
    ** Please check your child's folder daily for classwork, notes, and upcoming test and events. A neat folder helps your child stay organized:) 
    Homework Schedule for 3R
    Always check your child's backpack for day to day assignments.
    Assignments can change based on work covered in class.
    Math- workbook page
    Reading-20 minutes and assignment
    Current Events - Team for the week assigned 
    Math- Workbook page  
    Read - 20 minutes & complete their assignment
    Math- workbook page
    Read - 20 minutes & notebook assignment
    Math- workbook page
                                                       Read - 20 minutes & notebook assignment
    Current Events -Due Next Day
    Read at least once over the weekend. Any reading done more than the assigned will be counted as extra credit:)
    For emergency school closure assignments, please click here.