Name: Mrs. Solomon
    Grade/Subject: Fourth Grade

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          Mrs. Solomon earned a Bachelor's degree in Business Management and worked as a project coordinator for an office equipment dealer for 10 years. After taking time off to raise her children, Mrs. Solomon decided to pursue her dream of becoming a teacher and enrolled in Caldwell College’s Post  Baccalaureate Teaching Program. In 2007, she earned her certification as an elementary school teacher and began teaching fourth grade at Laning Avenue School. In May, 2012, Mrs. Solomon completed her Master of Arts degree in Curriculum & Instruction, and a year later earned a Principal's Certification and a Supervisor’s Certification.   When Mrs. Solomon is not teaching, she enjoys curling up with a great book, going to the beach, and most of all, spending time with her family. 



    Please click on the link below for a copy of
    the fourth grade supply list. 

    2019-2020 Special Schedule:


    Monday:   Library; Chorus

    Tuesday: Physical Education; Mandarin

    Wednesday:   Music

    Thursday:  Health (every other week); Art

    Friday: Physical Education; Mandarin 

    Please note: Students that join band will have lessons on Wednesdays.

    If you are interested in placing a Scholastic order online, here is the link:  https://orders.scholastic.com/H6GPC


    The following items are always in high demand throughout the year. Any donations are greatly appreciated!  


    * Pencils 

    * Sandwich size Ziploc bags 

    * Post-it notes 

    * Decks of playing cards

    * Tissues




    The following is an overview of the type of homework assignments students can expect.  Students will be given time each day to write their homework assignments in their homework notebook. 


    Reading: Students should be reading for at least 30 minutes per night, five nights a week. 

    Math: Students will typically be asked to complete the math workbook page that corresponds to that day’s lesson. Our math textbook can be accessed online at: www.pearsonrealize.com   Information regarding the username and password was sent home in September.

     Notes to Parents:

     * Please check your child's homework notebook and folder daily to make sure that your child is being responsible for his/her assignments and materials. Remember to have your child clean out his/her folder often and return all important papers promptly. Please establish a homework routine that will help your child develop his/her confidence and pride in his/her work.

    * Graded assignments and notices that require a parent signature will be sent home in the Homework and  Notices  Folder.  Please sign these papers and return them to school the next day.


     * Students will typically have an opportunity to have a snack each day. Please send in a small, healthy snack that your child can finish in a ten minute period. Please refrain from bringing in snacks that contain any type of nuts.


      ** If your child is walking home from school, please send me a note letting me know. If there is a change in your child’s usual after school routine, please keep me informed. For example: write me a note if they are going to Girl Scouts; going home with a friend; leaving school early, etc.