• Documents for Laning Parents & SCA Volunteers


    SCA Officers, Chairs, Class Parents and Program Dates for 2017-2018
    For SCA Chairs and Volunteers
    • Reimbursement Form: please attach this form to receipts to get reimbursement
    • Fundraising Monies Remittance Form: please use this from to turn in funds from events and fundraisers to Treasurer; please separate the bills and provide a list of individual checks;
    • Deposit Summary example forms: please make sure to write down all the monies collected from your fundraising event before submitting, and please use the example forms as a guideline.
    For Class Parents
    Verona District Directory

    In an effort to reduce costs and waste, the Verona Conference of SCAs has decided to provide the Verona District Directory electronically. Access to the directory is as follows:  

    1. Log in to Genesis Parent Portal using your username and password
    2. Click on Student Data tab
    3. Click on School Information link to the far right of the screen

    If you are unable to view the School Information link, please contact your school’s administration office.  It is important to note that all information provided in the directory is password protected and can only be accessed via the Genesis Parent Portal.